Elden Ring: Where to find all 8 fire pillars in Siofra River

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Fifth Pillar

When you are on your way to finding the fifth pillar, your Siofra River Elden Ring journey is officially 50% of the way completed! To find the fifth pillar you must travel north from the fourth pillar. If you are standing next to the fourth pillar and look north, you will see more flaming podiums that are signaling this is where the next pillar can be found. Follow the path north through those two flaming podiums and you should see pillar number five surrounded by these electric orbs. These orbs aren’t here for show. They will start firing beams of electricity towards you and it is not going to feel too great.

Sixth Pillar

This pillar is going to be another pretty easy pillar to get to. If you travel northwest from pillar number five, you will see another crab. Just ignore the crab and head northwest where you will be greeted with the sixth pillar almost instantly. Travel through the shallow water, up the tiny hill, and light the sixth pillar. Simple enough.

Seventh Pillar

We are in the home stretch now and you are ready to find the seventh pillar. If you take a left from the sixth pillar and follow a path north for a little bit and then sway on a path northeast once you see what appears to be a broken-down archway on the right-hand side of your screen, you will reach pillar number seven. Go through the broken archway and the seventh pillar will basically be right in front of your face immediately. There may be spirits guarding this pillar as well so as always just be aware, so they don’t end up killing you.

Eight Pillar

You are now one pillar away from lighting all 8 fire pillars in the Siofra River region in Elden Ring. Keep heading north up the path from the seventh pillar. Once you get past just a couple trees, make a hard left and travel west. The final pillar will be atop of this little mountain like area all the way near the edge. There will be creatures and spirits surround this final pillar as well so make sure that you don’t die on the final pillar.

At this point, there is nothing left to do except head back to the giant staircase in Hollowhorn Grounds and make your way up to the top of the stairs. You will notice that the pillars surrounding the staircase are now all lit. It now looks way more appealing than when the pillars weren’t lit at all.

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You can now interact with the Ancestor Spirit deer carcass and doing so will teleport your character to where you are able to now fight off against the Ancestor Spirt boss and try to claim your 13,000 Runes and the Ancestral Follower Ashes. In the end, it really isn’t that hard to find all 8 of these pillars, it just takes a little bit of time. After all, what doesn’t take time in Elden Ring. Just about everything takes time.