Pokemon Legends Arceus: Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands guide

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This mission follows the mission entitled “Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands” and is the final mission of the ‘Daybreak’ storyline. After you return to Jublife, find Mai by the gates again and she reminds you there’s one last place to research, the Alabaster Icelands. So let’s head to the Snowfields Camp.

Upon arrival, you both stand around looking colder than ever. A big change from the last time you saw who you THOUGHT was Mai here and she was just all smiling. Creepy creepy smiles.

Before you can stand about and complain about being cold more, Munchlax runs off and you follow only to find Melli and Lian looking like they’re about to throw hands. Apparently, they both wanted to be the ones to tell you that, unlike the other Massive Mass Outbreaks that were tied to rainstorms, the ones here in the Icelands are tied to snowstorms which, yeah, no fooling.

Mai tells you that because of this you should look into more outbreaks than normal. I still don’t see how this helps but sure kid. Luckily, Lian and Melli still want to prove themselves so they both decide to look into some as well leaving you with your usual three.

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Lian and Melli drop some choice words at each other before setting off and you head out as well. Be forewarned, these encounters are tougher than the previous. Not by much but with how easy the other ones have been it was very surprising.

Once done, head back to Mai. Adaman and Irida show up to let the two of you know that, apparently, Melli and Lian worked together to topple the other Outbreaks.

With that, the mystery still remains unsolved by the mission ends granting you:

30 Iron Chunks
20 Caster Fern
20 Ball of Mud

And when the mission ends you automatically leave the area, auto turning in your research in the process. And the four of you (plus Munchlax) head out to watch the sunset. Mai talks to you about how it was nice to have a mystery to delve into.

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Apparently, as they looked in four places and couldn’t figure out why it’s happening, they’ve all decided “well that’s life, we best adapt”. Mai asks what Pokemon will be like in the future. You get two answers but I chose “They’ll battle in gyms!”

Mai tells you that, from now one, her and Munchlax will be there to help you should more Massive Mass Outbreaks show up randomly and that I should consider them a gift for all the good I’ve done.

With that, the storyline titled “Daybreak” ends and you’re gifted:

1 Dawn Stone
1 Seed of Mastery
3 Exp. Candy XL

And from there you automatically head back into Jubilife Town where Ingo greets you. Ingo invites you to meet him at the training grounds.

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Kamado meets you there and tells you he’d like you to take part in a NEW type of Pokemon battle. And from there on in, you can now engage in more battle types with Ingo! Enjoy!

Also, before you leave…when you approach your home, your Arc Phone will go off encouraging you to go in. When you go in your phone then encourages you to rest. When you fall asleep you’ll get a message saying, “You can hear a voice calling to you. Will you answer the call?”

MMIcelands-Reverie /

Choosing yes will let you enter a weird new dream state called the “Eternal Battle Reverie” where you can try and get through as many battles without using items as possible. These battles can range from a Cleffa to Palkia and Dialga at the same time. The more battles you go through without losing, the more items you are gifted with when you wake up. Anything from gold nuggets to grit to many other things.

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