Horizon Forbidden West: How to get the Sun Scourge legendary bow

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Horizon Forbidden West sure has a lot for players to try and accomplish. Completing big challenges are often more rewarding than the actual reward itself, but there is a legendary Hunter Bow in Horizon Forbidden West that may be worth a little bit of hard work. The Sun Scourge is a legendary Hunter Bow that can only be achieved by completing all six Rebel Camps.

There are only a total of six Rebel Camps scattered across the map. Each Rebel Camp is fairly similar to one another as each of the six offer a set of objectives for you to complete along with a leader to kill at every Camp. Completing all the objectives and killing the leader at each Rebel Camp will grant you completion for that specific area.

If you are looking at the map and do not notice that there are any Rebel Camps available at your disposal, that is because you haven’t completed the main story mission “The Embassy.” Once you complete this mission the first Rebel Camp called “Eastern Lie” will appear. This is going to be the first Rebel Camp you will be attempting. Once you conquer everything this Rebel Camp has to offer and the Rebel Camp leader is killed, it should be marked as completed on the map.

List of all Rebel Camps

  1. Eastern Lie Rebel Camp
  2. The Hive Rebel Camp
  3. Devils Grasp Rebel Camp
  4. Fenrise Rebel Camp
  5. Breached Rock Rebel Camp
  6. First Forge Rebel Camp (Final Camp that is unlocked)

Only the first five Rebel Camps will be made available to complete and can ultimately be completed in any order you like. The sixth and final Rebel Camp will only be unlocked upon completion of the previous five Rebel Camps. While every camp has the same basic mechanics in order to complete it, each are slightly different in their own ways.

When the time comes to travel to the First Forge Rebel Camp, your quest for The Sun Scourge in Horizon Forbidden West is almost complete. After you complete the first five Rebel Camps, you can travel to the Hidden Ember Settlement where you can speak to Erend. After you and Erend have a chat, the First Forge Rebel Camp will be officially marked on the map and thus the true journey to achieve the Sun Scourge has begun.

Just like you would with any of the other Horizon Forbidden West Rebel Camps, you need to complete all the objectives before you fight the First Forge Rebel Camp leader Asera. Asera is the last objective standing in your way between you and The Sun Scourge.

The goal is simple, kill Asera and The Sun Scourge is yours. Once Asera is defeated you can loot the corpse to acquire the legendary Sun Scourge Hunter Bow. This is the only possible way you can acquire this bow and with this being the only way, having this bow in your collection is fairly unique.

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Just like any other legendary weapon in Horizon Forbidden West, The Sun Scourge can be upgraded a total of five times. Every time you decide to upgrade this weapon it will have additional perks and perk percentage increases added to the Bow. The Sun Scourge has five total Perks with those being Instant Brittle Chance (+2%), Agility Damage (+10%), Overdraw Damage (+15%), Reload Speed (+10%), and Aerial Enemy Damage (+15%).