Horizon Forbidden West: How to get The Skykiller Legendary Weapon

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Combat in Horizon Forbidden West is all about best utilizing the weapons and gadgets at your disposal. Although there are a ton of weapons in the game, there are only nine Legendary Weapons. Naturally, these are some of the strongest weapons in the game and will help you take down even the mightiest of Machines.

Horizon Forbidden West legendary weapon guide: How to get The Skykiller

The Skykiller is a Legendary Spike Thrower. To unlock this weapon, you need to complete the side quest “The Way Home.” You’ll need to have a Sunwing (flying mount), which you get when you complete the main story mission “The Wings of the Ten,” which is towards the end of the game. It’s recommended that are you are level 32 before starting this quest.

You can pick up “The Way Home” at the Legacy’s Landfall settlement. Talk to Harriem and Kristia  who are having a conversation on the ship. You’ll then have to fly to the shipwreck and search the scavenger scrap pile to obtain the Gyrocompass.

Once you find the Gyrocompass, return to Harriem and Kristia. You’ll then have to fly to the Ancient Shipwreck Site and examine the Ship’s antenna (located underwater). Pick up the batteries.

Go to the coordinates of the Transmission and kill the Dreadwing. Run up the two tightropes to reach the top of the ship and use the grapple point to grab the sensor unit next to it. Now all you have to do is return the parts to Harriem and Kristia who will reward you with The Skykiller.

The Skykiller Weapon Perks

In its base form, The Skykiller offers the following perks:

  • +10% Reload Speed
  • +15% Aerial Enemy Damage
  • +15% Overdraw Damage (requires Weapon Upgrades to unlock)
  • +25% Draw Speed (requires Weapon Upgrades to unlock)
  • +10% Burning Enemy Damage (requires Weapon Upgrades to unlock)