Pokemon Legends Arceus ‘Daybreak’: Digging for Tomorrow guide

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“Digging for Tomorrow” is one of the new missions that comes with the new Daybreak update that was announced with the recent Pokemon Direct and is live already. To get to this one, you’re going to head to Cyllene’s office where a man named Kochica is waiting. He tells you about how he’s been trying to dig for ore in the Oreburrow Tunnels but has since evacuated because of a raging alpha Pokemon.

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So he asks you if you can please go calm it. Off to the tunnels. When you get there you can’t miss the alpha as it’s an Onix. Kochika will show up and be like, “oh that’s the one”. Yeah, no fooling Kochi. He then encourages you to calm it which, in Pokemon, means beat the crap out of it.

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After you beat the level 60 big boi (you can’t capture it) it actually does calm down and just hangs out with glowy eyes. That’s when Kochika goes, “weird that it’s not fighting us right?” He then posits it might be trying to dig more tunnels. Kochika decides to team up with the Onix and he vows to extend the tunnels deep underground and all over the place.

This is a neat nod because it explains how the tunnels got all over the place under the whole of the Sinnoh region, which is a big part of Diamond and Pearl.

There’s also a really cool nod to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Kochika mentions that he knows some people that would love to use the ore found in the tunnels to create statues honoring Pokemon. This actually gives a fairly solid reason as to why, in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you’re constantly finding Pokemon statues all over the place.

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It’s still silly to think they made the statues and then just let them be buried but with Pokemon you take lore where you get lore.

That’s it for this quest. It’s really short, gives you a nice little bit of lore, and for completing the mission you get a Grit Rock and 20 Iron Chunks. Great job.

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