Elden Ring summons: How to upgrade your Spirit Ashes with Glovewort

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Earlier on in your adventures in Elden Ring, you should receive a Spirit Calling Bell. THis is unlocked after you’ve visited the Church of Elleh near the starting area. After you’ve unlocked your horse, Torrent, you will fast travel to the Roundtable Hold. Return to the Church of Elleh and you’ll meet a new character who gives you the Spirit Calling Bell.

The Spirit Calling Bell is used to summon Spirit Ashes, NPCs that fight alongside you in combat.  You’ll start off with Lone Wolf ashes, but as you progress in Elden Ring, you will unlock a bunch of other Spirit Ashes to assist you in your journey across The Lands Between.

How to upgrade Spirit Ashes with Spirit Tuning

Like the weapons you use, you are also able to upgrade Spirit Ashes. In order to do so, you’ll need to participate in a series of conversations involving Roderika, a young woman you can speak to at the Roundtable Hold, and Hewg, the blacksmith also at the Roundtable Hold. Specifically, you need to convince Hewg to take Roderika under his wing. The next time you visit Roundtable Hold, you’ll find Roderika sitting across from him. You are now able to upgrade your Spirit Ashes, but first you’ll need materials called Gloveworts.

Gloveworts are plants that come in two varieties: Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort. These are required to upgrade your Spirit Ashes, with the latter required to level up special ashes. Unlike your weapons, you only need one to upgrade each level. This is because Gloveworts are incredibly hard to come by.

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Where to find Glovewort

Both types of Glovewort can be found in graveyards around The Lands Between. You’ll want to explore catacombs and crypts, specifically.

Like Smithing Stones, the Glovewort you find will have a level associated with it. Glovewort (1) for example, is used to upgrade the Spirit Ashes to +1, Glovewort (2) upgrades to +2 and so on all the way up to +5. The Elden Ring wiki page has detailed descriptions on where to find Glovewort.