Horizon Forbidden West: How to get the Sunwing Flying Mount

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Although Horizon Forbidden West offers multiple types of machines that you can mount and ride, only one allows you to take to the skies: the Sunwing. Unfortunately, the game’s only flying mount doesn’t actually become available to you until near the end of the game’s main story.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to unlock the Sunwing

To unlock the Sunwing in Horizon Forbidden West you need to complete the quest “Wings of the Ten.” This is the penultimate main quest mission and recommended at level 32.

The cool thing is that even when you finish the main story of Horizon Forbidden West, you are still free to fly around and finish up any remaining side activities you may have. For instance, you’ll need to have the Sunwing in order to complete “The Way Home” side quest and obtain The Skykiller legendary weapon.

Because “Wings of the Ten” is a story mission, it’s a pretty straightforward path to unlock the Sunwing. You’ll have to talk to Zo at the Base, craft the Sunwing Override, go to the Peaks above the base and then Override a Sunwing.

Once you’ve overridden the Sunwing, you are able to mount it. You’ll have to fly around a bit more, landing on a Tallneck and overriding it, gathering a Horus Energy Cell and then flying to the Memorial Grove where you’ll drop the Cell on Regalla’s Forces.

To complete the mission, you ‘ll need to defeat Regalla, whose fight spans three phases. In the first phase, Regllas will come at you with rapid slashes. Dodge them and attack her with Fire and Plasma.

In the second phase, crouch behind the wooden barricades and throw some Fire Bombs at her to weaken her. Attack her with your arrows.

In the third and final phase, you’ll have to dodge her slashes again. Once again, weaken her with Fire bombs and arrows. After you complete this phase, you’ll have the option to spare her life or kill her. I won’t spoil what each answer reveals but at the end of this quest, you’ll obtain your Sunwing.