Horizon Forbidden West: Should you kill or save Regalla?

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Throughout the main story of Horizon Forbidden West, players will be tasked with choosing how Aloy will respond in certain situations. One of the biggest decisions you’ll be forced to make comes towards the end of the main story.

At the end of the mission “Wings of the Ten,” which is the second to last main story quest in the game (and gets you the Sunwing), you will have to fight and defeat Regalla. Upon defeating her, you’re left with the decision to kill Regalla and put an end to her reign or show her some mercy and spare her life in hope that she’ll aid you in the fight against the Far Zeniths.

More specifically, you’re presented with three responses:

  • “Your life ends here.”
  • “There’s another battle ahead.”
  • “This isn’t easy.”

“This isn’t easy.”

Let’s just go ahead and cross this response off right from the start. Choosing this response will  lead you down a path in which you’ll ultimately be forced to kill or save Regalla anyway. So forget this one.

Horizon Forbidden West: Should you kill or save Regalla?

The good news is regardless of which decision you make, the final mission won’t actually change. However, one of the decisions will ultimately reward you with a powerful bow that could aid you in the final battle. So which one is it?

“There’s another battle ahead.”

If you select “There’s another battle ahead,” you will spare Regalla’s life and ask her to join you in the fight against the Zeniths. Although some will be skeptical of her loyalty, Regalla agrees to come to your aid. She will accompany you back to the base and join your assault on the Zeniths in the final mission, “Singularity.”

Unfortunately, choosing to save her life is only temporary as she dies during the assault anyway. But perhaps more importantly, it also means you won’t get the powerful bow which could make some of the end game activities a little more difficult..

“Your life ends here.”

If you select “Your life ends here,” you will kill Regalla. Well, actually, Kotallu will stab her with a spear and she will die. As a result, she won’t appear in the final battle. What’s interesting is that killing her has no actual impact on how the battle unfolds. If you pass the area where she would normally die, nothing happens. And the additional Sentinels that you would normally face don’t even appear, so it’s not even like saving her serves as a distraction during the fight.

More importantly, killing her gets you Regalla’s Wrath, a very rare Sharpshot Bow capable of one-shotting smaller machines. Regalla’s Wrath comes with the perks:

  • +40% Long-Range Damage
  • +25% Overdraw Damage
  • +10% Reload Speed

As you can see, it’s more beneficial to to kill Regalla as you get this very powerful bow. If you plan on playing Horizon Forbidden West past the main story, then I recommend you kill Regalla.