Is Genshin Impact cross platform? Cross saves made easy

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Genshin Impact is a game that can be played on a variety of systems with seamless cross saves. It seems simple to do, but there are tons of stipulations for getting to work right. Here’s how Genshin Impact cross platform play works, and how to enable it.

Is Genshin Impact cross platform? How to enable cross saves

Genshin Impact is always online, so your game will always be right where you left it no matter which system you last played on. This eliminates the need for pesky save-data management, but you’ll need to tie up all your accounts to get it to work.

There are different steps you need to do if you want to enable cross platform play depending on what system you started on. Hoyoverse’s official guide is somewhat convoluted, so I’ll make this as simple as possible to understand.

If you first started playing on mobile or PC, you simply use the same Hoyoverse account you made to log-in to play between those two platforms. If you want to add in a PlayStation to the mix, it gets a little more complicated.

If you started on another platform and would like to continue playing on PlayStation, you’ll need to fire up the game on PlayStation and link your account right when the pop-up appears. You can’t link a Hoyoverse account to a PSN account with progress already made in Genshin Impact.

This pop-up only happens when you launch the game on PlayStation for the first time, as the game makes a new Hoyoverse account when you start actually playing.

There’s no way to unlink accounts yet. Deleting the game won’t unlink your account. Of course, you can always make a new PSN account.

If you already started playing on PlayStation, you need to link that PSN with a new email that isn’t used for a Hoyoverse account in the User Center settings within the game. It’s a weird work around, but from there you just login with that new Hoyoverse account on other platforms.

That same PSN account can be used when going between PS4 and PS5 versions of the game as well.

There are a few things cross saves can’t do. You can’t cross save across servers, and purchases you make on one platform may not be redeemable while playing on others. For example, if you purchased the Battle Pass on iOS, you won’t be able to redeem the rewards on PS4.

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There are also a few items in the game that don’t work on different platforms. PlayStation players get a special Glider that can’t be used on other platforms, so it will change to the default glider.

The Weapons Sword of Descension and Predator are usable on all platforms, but only get their bonus effects while playing on PlayStation.