Who are the descendants of the Pokemon Legends Arceus NPCs?

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Now this one is pretty easy. After a couple of those, daddy needed a win. But Gaeric here is clearly the ancestor of X and Y’s Wulfric. I mean, the hair, similar facial hair, the jacket tied around them. There’s a lot here.

Oh, and while Gaeric watches over a frenzied Hisuian Avalugg, what’s one of Wulfric’s Pokemon? Yup, Avalugg.

Arezus-Predicament-Miss-Fortune /

Miss Fortune Gang

First off, I love the Miss Fortune gang and I desperately hope they’re explored further in the upcoming DLC that we all know is coming. But let’s get into their counterparts from left to right.

Clover is absolutely an ancestor to Diamond and Pearl’s Candice. Not only are they nearly identical down to the hair but they also both use Abomasnows.

With the leader Charm I had a rough time with it because I couldn’t figure it out until I saw that the popular consensus is that she’s the ancestor to BOTH Agatha and Bertha. Not only does she have a scarf like Bertha mixed with the color scheme of Agatha but she has Pokemon that both use. Charm uses a Gengar and a Rhydon. Agatha uses a Gengar and Bertha uses a Rhyperior. That’s a lot of similarities.

Finally, we have Coin. One look at Coin’s hair and you immediately know she’s the ancestor of future Team Galactic baddy, Saturn. Also, they both use a Toxicroak.

Also, fun fact, in the Japanese translation of the game, the three sisters are essentially named; Bamboo (Clover), Pine (Charm), and Plum (Coin) based off an old Japanese art motif called “The Friends of Winter” in which art was created around bamboo, pine, and plum plants as they never withered in the winter and we used as a sign of resilience. This has nothing to do with the article really but I love that.

Cogita AND Volo

Strap in for this one. There’s a reason I saved this for last.

So it’s obvious that both Cogita AND Volo have similarities to Cynthia. And while Volo doesn’t seem to know a lot about Cogita, Cogita absolutely seems to know what’s up with Volo and treats him with a lot of condescension. So hear me out.

I think Volo is the ancestor of Cynthia. No doubt in my mind. But I think that Cogita IS Cynthia. Hold on, come back. Just listen. Cogita and Volo are clearly connected in a big way. For example, the word “Cogita” is Latin for “I Think” whereas the word “Volo” is Latin for “I Wish”.

Secondly, Ingo’s appearance as literally just Ingo from Black and White shows that characters from other games can end up here. So thinking Ingo is the only character that fell through that portal would be a waste.

Also, Cogita not only seems to have a lot of knowledge on the Hisui region (which is something that in the anime Cynthia has also displayed down to actually owning an outfit from the Hisui region) she also seems to have some knowledge of the future.

So if she was Cynthia and she went back in time and found her ancestor acting the absolute fool I can see how she wouldn’t be very respectful about it. You could also posit that Cynthia found out about Volo during her research and, after learning from the end events of Diamond and Pearl, found a way back to try and help put an end to it.

So that’s the vast majority of the characters, did I leave any out? Do you think I’m wrong? Did I miss something? Let me know and make sure to check our other awesome Pokemon Legends Arceus articles and walkthroughs.