Gran Turismo 7 will ship with 2 discs for PS4

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Gran Turismo 7 looks amazing. Sometimes, I forget I’m looking at a video game. The enhanced graphical fidelity comes at a cost, however: Gran Turismo 7 is so massive that its PS4 version needs two discs to contain it all.

Gran Turismo 7 will ship with 2 discs for PS4

As we approach Gran Turismo 7’s March 4 release date, Sony has released more specs about the game on the Playstation Direct store listing. The game will clock in at a massive 110 GB on PS4 and PS5.

This large, girthy game isn’t just demanding on your storage drive: it’s equally as demanding on the poor disc it ships on. A normal Blu-ray disc like the ones the PS4 uses can only hold 50 GB of data on two layers. The PS5, on the other hand, uses more modern Ultra HD Blu-ray discs that can hold up to 100 GB with three layers.

This isn’t the first time a PS4 game has been shipped on two discs. I was surprised when Final Fantasy VII Remake arrived on two discs, giving me flashbacks to those PS1 days when multiple discs were common.

The Gran Turismo games often came with two discs, but the second was almost always a special edition that came with behind the scenes features. Gran Turismo 2 was the only other game in the series to require two discs for the base game.

Unlike those days, you won’t need to be swapping discs out to play. In fact, games aren’t even read off discs anymore; the read speeds on optical media are just too slow now. Instead, the disc contains the core data that’s installed to your console.

The game is then read off the storage drive, just like if you got a digital copy. The plastic disc is essentially just a piece of copyright tech at that point.

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Thankfully, upgrading the hard drive on a PS4 is surprisingly easy if the massive storage requirements prove too much, and it’s even easier on PS5.