TFT Set 6.5: Silco traits and abilities revealed

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TFT Set 6.5, Neon Nights, isn’t slated to arrive until mid-February, but the latest set for Teamfight Tactics is currently live on the PBE test servers. This gives players a chance to go hands-on with the newest set before it actually releases, letting them familiarize themselves with the new champions and traits while Riot works out any sort of balance issues.

The new set will shake things up in Teamfight Tactics, swapping out over twenty champions and replacing the Imperial and Academy traits with the new Debonair and Hextech.

One of the new champions making his debut in TFT is Silco, who you may recognize from the hit Netflix series, Arcane. Silco is making the jump from your tv to your game and is the first original character in TFT that’s independent of League of Legends.

While we’ve gotten glimpses of Silco in TFT thus far, the arrival of Neon Nights on the PBE finally let’s us go hands-on with him in our comps. So let’s get into the details of Silco.

Silco Cost & Ability

Silco is a five-gold cost champion, the most expensive and rarest in TFT. This generally means he’s a late game character who will bolster and carry your comp.

Ability: Unstable Concoction (Mana: 0/40)

Silco’s ability is inspired by the character we saw in Arcane. In the series, we see Silco use Shimmer, a type of drug-like serum that can heal the injured while providing superhuman strength, agility and durability to others. In the series, there’s quite a few negative side effects associate with Shimmer, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in TFT.

Here’s the official description of Unstable Concoction:

"Silco injects an unstable concoction into some of his lowest Health allies, granting them maximum Health, Attack Speed, and immunity to crowd control for 8 seconds. When the concoction wears off, unstable units die by explosion, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.Bonus Attack Speed : 100% / 150% / 666%Damage : 300 / 450 / 5000Number of Targets : 1 / 1 / 5"

Silco Traits (Mastermind/Scholar)

As previously detailed, Silco is a Mastermind. That’s a single-unit trait, meaning he will be the only Mastermind in the game. Here’s the description:

"At the start of combat, the Mastermind grants the 2 allies directly in front of him 50 of their starting Mana."

He’s also a Scholar alongside Kassadin, Syndra, Zyra and Renata. Depending on how many Scholars you have active, replenishes your team’s Mana every two seconds. Looking at the associated Scholar traits, Silco would seemingly fit in well with numerous team comps, including Chemtech, Syndicate, Mutant and Debonair.

The fact that his ability grants maximum health, attack speed and crowd control immunity, means he’s versatile enough to work well with many champions and serve as a decent support for them. Just make sure you put him behind a champion that relies heavily on mana for their first cast.