TFT: When is Arcane’s Silco coming to Teamfight Tactics?

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Having just finished the Netflix series Arcane, I now feel comfortable talking about it and all of the upcoming news surrounding it. First off, let me get this out of the way, I absolutely loved the series. I also happen to love Teamfight Tactics, so you can imagine my excitement knowing that one of the show’s coolest characters, Silco, is coming to the game.

Riot announced at the beginning of the month that Silco, who did not exist (at least to any fan knowledge) in the League of Legends universe prior to the series, will be making his in-game debut in TFT with the mid-set update in February.

Who is Silco in Arcane?

As mentioned above, Silco is a powerful crime lord in the undercity. He’s the main antagonist in Arcane, fighting for Zaun’s independence from Piltover and literally doing anything to achieve his goal.

Silco is the main man responsible for the production of Shimmer, building his entire criminal empire on the back of selling this addictive drug. Just as a note, Shimmer has a variety of uses, including its ability to heal severe injuries and even resuscitate victims of near-fatal injuries. It can also be used to increase a person’s strength or grant them super speed. There are some negative effects to it though, including permanent damage and disfigurement to one’s body.

I won’t get into Silco’s entirely story because I definitely recommend you watch the series to learn more about him.

When is Silco coming to TFT?

Riot stated that Silco will arrive in Teamfight Tactics with the Gizmos & Gadgets mid-set update in February. Looking at Riot’s patch schedule for TFT, it looks like there are two planned for February, 2022: February 2 and February 16. I would guess the mid-set update will fall on one of those dates.

What is Silco’s abilities and kit in TFT?

When Riot announced Silco’s arrival in TFT, it was still fairly early in his production. Usually, League of Legends champions are adapted to fit into TFT. As he’s the first character in Teamfight Tactics that’s independent of League of Legends, the team had to build him from the ground up.  Here’s an early look at Silco’s rigging and animations so far.

We don’t yet know what his kit will be or if he will align with any of the current Gizmos & Gadgets classes or traits. However, Riot did tease that he will be a “Mastermind” when it comes to combat.

Silco is best known for his use of Shimmer, so it’s quite possible that could play a big role in his character’s kit. Perhaps a new trait based around the concept of Shimmer will be introduced. He also wields a dagger at multiple points in the show, so maybe that will be his primary weapon.