Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to change Rotom’s form

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Alright, so you followed my guide and caught Rotom in Pokemon Legends Arceus. But what about those five forms? Rotom is known to change forms by playing around in various appliances but what happens when you’re in a time before appliances?

Things like that aren’t just going to fall from the sky, right? Wrong.

See, that rift in the sky you fell through? You weren’t the only person and you dang sure weren’t the only thing. Appliances have fallen through there and every now and then, Gingko Guild merchant Ginter will find them. He’s this gentleman who always chills near your HQ.

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Every so often he finds items to sell you with absolutely no idea what they are. Like a rock with a bolt carving is actually the Thunder Stone. Things like that. But sometimes he’ll have items that are super expensive with weird names like “mechanical pinwheel”. He doesn’t know what they are. But if you see an item with “mechanical” in the name, just snag it.

You won’t get anything in your inventory but let’s say you buy the “mechanical cabinet” and then head to your home, you’ll find this.

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Now, as long as you have a Rotom in your party, if you interact with one of the appliances Rotom will get curious and want to play in it. Let it and this happens.

So which item is what? Well don’t worry, I’ll tell you which one does what as we go into…

Changing Rotom’s Forms

  • Mechanical Cabinet (Refrigerator)
    • Turns Rotom into Electric/Ice type
    • Learns Blizzard
  • Mechanical Pinwheel (Oscillating Fan)
    • Turns Rotom into Electric/Flying type
    • Learns Air Slash
  • Mechanical Box (Microwave)
    • Turns Rotom into Electric/Fire type
    • Learns Overheat
  • Mechanical Tub (Washing Machine)
    • Turns Rotom into Electric/Water type
    • Learns Hydro Pump
  • Mechanical Circular Saw (Lawn Mower)
    • Turns Rotom into Electric/Grass type
    • Learns Leaf Storm

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Afterwards, if you want to change Rotom to good old regular Electric/Ghost form, go ahead and have Rotom interact with the same appliance and it’ll “jump back out”.