Genshin Impact: Ganyu Ascension and Talents Guide

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Where to get Materials

How to get  Shivada Jade

Shivada Jade is the standard Ascension material for Cryo characters. You can collect pieces by defeating some Weekly Bosses and for completing your Daily Commissions, but your primary way to get these will be by defeating the Cryo Regisvine. You’ll need to fight it anyway for Hoarfrost Cores.

You can also craft these by converting the other Ascension gems with Dust of Azoth.

How to get Hoarfrost Core

These are dropped by the Cryo Regisvine. It’s one of the easier Bosses to defeat if you have a Pyro auto-attacker like Hu Tao, Klee, Yanfei or Yoimiya. You can also get through the Cryo Regisvine’s shields quickly with Amber. Once you’ve broken its shield, you can start wailing on it.

How to get Whopperflower Nectar, Shimmering Nectar, Energy Nectar

Nectar is a drop from Whopperflowers that you’ll need for quite a few characters and weapons. You’ll want to take down Whopperflowers whenever you see them. They can be tracked with the Adventurer’s Handbook and respawn every day.

They can disguise themselves as normal plants, but the tell is the plant’s item icon will not appear by their name when you approach them.

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How to get Teachings of Diligence, Guide to Diligence, Philosophies of Diligence

The Talent books you need can be obtained at Taishan Mansion on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

For the first three levels of this Doman challenge, you’ll be fighting Pyro Slimes that explode and Pyro Abyss Mages. You’ll have six minutes to take out all the enemies.

For the hardest challenge, you fight against two Blazing Axe Mitachurls and two Fatui Pyro Agents. The Agent will be able to explode like the Slimes in earlier difficulties. You have eight minutes to defeat them all.

This challenge is made substantially easier in co-op, as your damage output will be at least doubled. Focus on making elemental reactions on the same enemy to get them out of the way before teaming up on the next one. Ganyu or Amber’s Elemental Skills can draw the Fatui Agents’ aggro. The decoys are most useful for sponging up the Agent’s deadly dash attacks that can kill you if you’re not careful.

How to get Qingxin

Qingxin is a somewhat difficult Liyue Specialty to find. It grows on mountain tops, so the best way to find them is to go to Mt. Aocang and glide to the mountain tops south.

There are more on the western side of Wuwang Hill, and some on the peaks by the Geo Hypostasis at Guyun Stone Forest.

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How to get Shadow of the Warrior

This is one of the three drops you can get from the weekly Childe boss at the Golden House, starting at Lv 70. You can only redeem the rewards from this challenge once per week.

Childe hits hard and hits fast, so bring a healer to keep yourself topped up or a shield creator to stop some of his harder to dodge attacks like his Narwhal or Electro Riptide bolts.

How to get Crown of Insight

The very rare Crown of Insight is only available as a reward for completing events. You’ll need one to max out just one of a character’s Talents, but there are a limited amount of them. For more information about Crown of Insight, check out our in-depth look here.