Genshin Impact Yun Jin team comps: 5 best characters

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5 Best characters for Yun Jin team comps

5) Fischl (Machine gun)

Fischl’s Physical DPS build synergizes well with Yun Jin. With a Cryo support like Shenhe or Rosaria to help Oz trigger Superconduct, you can easily reduce the Physical resistance of enemies while Fischl unloads arrows with Yun Jin’s buff on.

4) Yoimiya (Hamayumi/Rust)

Yoimiya is a straightforward character whose Weapons and Artifacts specialize her into using Normal Attack exclusively. The Hamayumi weapon gives a huge damage bonus when her Energy is full (her Burst isn’t that strong), and gets even stronger after Yun Jin’s buff is applied.

Rust does something similar, giving a large Normal Attack Damage% bonus while weakening Charged shots.

3) Diluc or Ayaka

Diluc’s second Ascension Passive Talent gives a 20% Pyro Damage bonus while his Burst’s Pyro infusion is active. Likewise, Ayaka’s second Ascension Passive Talent gives her an 18% Cryo Damage bonus after afflicting an enemy with Cryo after her Alternate Sprint. In Ayaka’s case, she also gets a 30% Normal and Charged Attack damage increase after using her Elemental Skill.

Both characters are some of the best auto-attackers in their respective Elements, and their kits scale up Yun Jin’s buffs quickly and reliably.

Yun Jin's best Weapons and Artifacts. light. Builds

2) Razor

While Razor relies on his Elemental Burst for his damage, he still uses Normal Attack combos while his Wolf performs coordinated attacks. Interestingly, the Wolf’s coordinated attack damage is based on Razor’s Normal Attack damage, not his Attack stat.

Razor’s Burst will use the value after Yun Jin’s buff is applied. The Wolf’s coordinated attacks won’t count towards Yun Jin’s quota, so you get to stretch some extra value from it that other characters can’t.

Like in Fischl’s case, get a Cryo support to trigger Superconduct and increase Razor’s Physical damage dealt during his Burst.

1) Tartaglia

Remember when I said the game is inconsistent with what counts as a Normal Attack? Tartaglia’s Elemental Skill gives him a melee stance change, letting him attack with twin Hydro blades. While these attacks scale from his Skill’s level, they are still counted as Normal Attacks. He has extremely quick attacks that can fill out the 30 hit quota quickly.

light. Ascension. How to Ascend Yun Jin and her Talents

In co-op

Yun Jin is a great character to use in co-op play, as her Elemental Burst’s buff is on a 30 hit quota counted individually for each character on the team. More characters attacking at once means more triggers, letting Yun Jin’s buff realize its full 120 hit quota. Yun Jin commanding three auto-attackers of different Elements will be sure to make quick work of any encounter.