Genshin Impact Yun Jin Builds: Best Weapons and Artifacts

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Yun Jin is

Genshin Impact


newest four-star character

. A Geo Polearm user with a strong support kit, Yun Jin can fit into a variety of teams and has several ways you can build her. Here are the best Yun Jin Builds to make.

Yun Jin Builds: The best Weapons and Artifacts

Yun Jin Weapons

Yun Jin’s main support ability is to pass on a Normal Attack damage buff that scales from her Defense stat with her Elemental Burst. As such, you’ll be looking for weapons with useful sub-stats like Energy Recharge. There are some great five-star options like Engulfing Lightning and Skyward Spine.

Staff of Homa and Primordial Jade Winged-Spear are the other five-star options, but they’re better served on dedicated attackers like Hu Tao. Vortex Vanquisher uses Attack, so it’s not great for Yun Jin.

Favonius Lance is a the go-to for support characters, as the Energy Recharge sub-stat and passive will help Yun Jin get her Elemental Burst back sooner.

The craftable Prototype Starglitter also has Energy Recharge, and a Normal Attack damage bonus after using an Elemental Skill. Notably, this is a Damage bonus that will scale on Normal attacks after the flat Damage boost from Yun Jin’s Elemental Burst is applied. This one is good for mixed Support/Attack or co-op oriented builds.

light. Teams. Best characters to use with Yun Jin

One of my favorite ways to play Genshin Impact is with friends, and Yun Jin can be a fun character to use in co-op. Since you won’t be switching off her, you can deal some extra damage with some choice Polearms that have Crit as a sub-stat.

The Battle Pass’s Deathmatch is great with its Crit Rate sub-stat. Its passive ability buffs Defense when there are two or more enemies nearby, a welcome bonus.

Yun Jin Artifacts

Your choice of Artifacts main stats will depend on how you want to play Yun Jin, and how much Energy Recharge you need. Your Sands should be either Defense% or Energy Recharge, the Goblet should be Defense% and the Circlet can be Crit Rate/Damage or more Defense%.

4 Husk of Opulent Dreams

Yun Jin doesn’t consistently deal Geo damage, but luckily the four-piece Husk of Opulent Dreams increases Defense and Geo damage when the character is off field. You get one stack of Curiosity every three seconds the user is off-field, up to four times.

Each stack grants a 6% Defense and Geo Damage boost. You do lose a stack after six seconds pass after not gaining one, but this is more than enough time to get her Elemental Burst out. It’s also just enough time to get one Elemental Skill charged up and unleashed when quick swapping.

Of course, you still get the two-piece bonus of 30% Defense, for a total of 54% Defense at max stacks.

2 Husk of Opulent Dreams / 2 Emblem of Severed Fate

This build gives you some Energy Recharge if you’re struggling to get her Elemental Burst back when you need it. Two pieces of Emblem of Severed Fate grants 20% Energy Recharge.

Ascension. How to Ascend Yun Jin and her Talents. light

2 Husk of Opulent Dreams / 2 Defender’s Will

What the heck is Defender’s Will? It’s a four-star Artifact set that has the same two-piece bonus as Husk of Opulent Dreams: 30% Defense. You can get these from Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula, the Domain you get Crimson Witch of Flames from.

With Husk and Defender’s, you’re looking at a 60% Defense boost. It’s similar to the four-piece Husk’s max stack buff, but you miss out on the higher potential Geo damage bonus. It’s more consistent when Yun Jin is on-field, however, so this set can be easier to use in co-op play.

It’s a four-star set, so you get less sub-stats and a lower level cap. To mitigate this issue, your Feather and Flower should be from Defender’s Will. Yun Jin’s health isn’t that important and the flat Attack from the feather is mostly irrelevant.

The bright side is that it’s easy to farm, so it’s a great place holder set while you work up to a four-piece Husk or Noblesse set.