Genshin Impact: Yun Jin Ascension and Talents Guide

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How to get  Prithiva Topaz

Prithiva Topaz is the standard Ascension gemstone for Geo characters. You can get these from Geo World Bosses like the Geo Hypostasis, but the best way for Yun Jin is to get them from the Golden Wolflord that also drops the Riftborn Regalia you need.

You can also craft these by converting the other Ascension gems with Dust of Azoth.

How to get Riftborn Regalia

Riftborn Regalia is obtained by the new Boss, the Golden Wolflord on Tsurumi Island in Inazuma. It’s a big Rifthound that’s hard to hit without Catalyst or Bow users, and it inflicts Corrosion to boot. You’ll need at least one healer to stay alive while your health is constantly drained.

Halfway through the fight, you’ll need to destroy some statues with Geo damage. This is rather tough if you don’t already have a character that can deal quick Geo damage. Unfortunately Yun jin doesn’t deal Geo often, so you’ll want to rely on another Geo unit like Ningguang or Goro to get through them.

How to get Damaged Mask, Stained Mask, Ominous Mask

These Masks are dropped by all forms of Hilichurls. You should have had no shortage of them as they’re dropped by the game’s most common trash mob.

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How to get Teachings of Diligence, Guide to Diligence, Philosophies of Diligence

The Talent books you need for Yun Jin can be obtained at Taishan Mansion on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

For the first three levels of this Doman challenge, you’ll be fighting Pyro Slimes that explode and Pyro Abyss Mages. You’ll have six minutes to take out all the enemies.

For the hardest challenge, you fight against two Blazing Axe Mitachurls and two Fatui Pyro Agents. The Agent will be able to explode like the Slimes in earlier difficulties. You have eight minutes to defeat them all.

This challenge is made substantially easier in co-op, as your damage output will be at least doubled. Focus on making elemental reactions on the same enemy to get them out of the way before teaming up on the next one

How to get Glaze Lily

Glaze Lily are found at Yujin Terrace on the northwest side of Liyue Harbor and in the fields at Qingce Village. The ones at Yujin Terrace are easy to spot, and there are some along the mountain paths. The Glaze Lillies at Qince Village are hard to spot, so use your Elemental Sight to highlight them.

How to get Ashen Heart

The Weekly Boss drop you need comes from La Signora at Tenshukaku. She starts the fight with her Cryo Delusion, before switching to her Pyro Vision. This fight is one of perseverance, and you’ll definitely need a strong healer to stay alive.

This fight is also way easier in co-op. Be sure your party has several Elements, as there are phases where you must break through barriers with Elemental Reactions.

The Domain version of this fight is more or less the same as the Story Quest, though it may be slightly more difficult depending on which level you select.

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How to get Crown of Insight

The very rare Crown of Insight is only available as a reward for completing events. You’ll need one to max out just one of a character’s Talents, but there are a limited amount of them. For more information about Crown of Insight, check out our in-depth look here.