Genshin Impact: Xiao Ascension and Talents Guide

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How to get  Vayuda Turquoise

Vayuda Turquoise can be best obtained by defeating Anemo Bosses like the Anemo Hypostasis or Maguu Kenki. The Boss Xiao needs to defeat can drop it, albeit randomly. You may need to go out of your way to fight the Hypostasis to gather the Vayuda Turquoise you need.

How to get Juvenile Jade

The Primo Geovishap at Tianqiu Valley in Liyue drops Juvenile Jade. It’s a large Geo Vishap with a breath attack that you need to counter with a Shield. Most of its moves require it to be up close to you, so using ranged characters will help. I recommend playing this Boss in co-op mode, with one player drawing its attention while another player takes shots at it from a safe distance with Bow or Catalyst user.

It also drops any variety of the elemental Ascension stones, so you won’t be racking up Vayuda Turquoise pieces as easily. Your best bet is to convert the ones you do get with Dust of Azoth.

How to get Slime Condensate, Slime Secretions, Slime Condensate

You’ll have no problems finding these Slime items, as they’re dropped by the most common enemy in the game. You may have overlooked picking up their drops since they are so common, so don’t miss out on them. You’ll be encountering Slimes everywhere, and you’ll be sure to get a bunch when you do your Daily Commissions.

How to get Teachings of Prosperity, Guide to Prosperity, Philosophies of Prosperity

Prosperity can be obtained at Taishan Mansion near Jueyun Karst on Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

For the first three levels of this Doman challenge, you’ll be fighting Pyro Slimes that explode and Pyro Abyss Mages. You’ll have six minutes to take out all the enemies.

For the hardest challenge, you fight against two Blazing Axe Mitachurls and two Fatui Pyro Agents. The Agent will be able to explode like the Slimes in earlier difficulties. You have eight minutes to defeat them all.

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How to get Qingxin

Qingxin is a somewhat difficult Liyue Specialty to find. It grows on mountain tops, so the best way to find them is to go to Mt. Aocang and glide to the mountain tops south.

There are more on the western side of Wuwang Hill, and some on the peaks by the Geo Hypostasis at Guyun Stone Forest.

How to get Shadow of the Warrior

This is one of the three drops you can get from the weekly Childe boss at the Golden House, starting at Lv 70. You can only redeem the rewards from this challenge once per week.

Childe hits hard and hits fast, so bring a healer to keep yourself topped up or a shield creator to stop some of his harder to dodge attacks like his Narwhal or Electro Riptide bolts.

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How to get Crown of Insight

The very rare Crown of Insight is only available as a reward for completing events. You’ll need one to max out just one of a character’s Talents, but there are a limited amount of them. For more information about Crown of Insight, check out our in-depth look here.