Dead Cells’ new DLC The Queen and Sea is a daunting change of pace

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I had the opportunity to play Dead Cells’ newest DLC, The Queen and Sea, and oh my god. Fans of the game already know that bits of it can prove to be a bit of a challenge but The Queen and Sea DLC changes things up a bit and finds new ways to make you sweat.

The newest DLC features two new levels, a slew of new weapons and armor, and a brand new final boss route that gives you a whole new alternate ending. You just have to find it first.

The first part is easy as you can’t avoid it. While exiting the Prisoner’s Quarters (the first bit of the game) you’ll be stopped by a tentacle that delivers a scroll for you. Easy peasy.

After that, you need to meet up with the Fisherman in the Toxic Sewers. It’s good to note that even after you meet up with him, you still have to go to the Toxic Sewers any time you want to try taking this path. But look around the Toxic Sewers until you find the Fisherman, you’ll know him when you see him because nothing else in the game has ever looked like him.

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Once you speak to him this will active the DLC3 content allowing you access to the new stages and whatnot. From there, leave him and take the following route: Ramparts > Black Bridge > Stilt Village.

Make sure you’re collecting keys in the Stilt Village and looking for doors as well. One of the doors in the Stilt Village will have a blank sign, that’s the one you need. In it, you’ll find the person the Fisherman told you to look for…along with the monster that killed him. Upon destroying it you’ll get two different things. One, the “crowned key” which you’ll need to get to the new areas the first time. And two, the monster you kill will leave a baby which will become your new pet and favorite new sub-weapon the “leghugger”. The leghugger is this awesome little pet that looks like an octopus with bladed tentacles. As it attacks enemies with you, it eventually will evolve into a stronger, armored form. You can also tap the button you used to summon it to cause spikes to shout out of it, causing bleeding damage over time to any enemy it hits. I also think it’s adorable but that’s more of a conversation for my therapist.

Once you do this leave the Stilt Village via the exit to the Clock Tower. Then through the Clock Room.


After the Clock Room, it is very important you do not go through the Derelict Distillery OR the High Peak Castle. Instead, drop down and find the locked door asking for that Crowned Key you got earlier. This will take you outside where you can find the Fisherman again. Get on his boat and he’ll take you to the first of the new stages, the “Infested Shipwreck”.

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Okay, so now you get to fight your way through the Infested Shipwreck. The stage offers a new look and some new nautical-themed enemies including demonic pirates and the occasional fella with an anchor. One of the cool things about this new stage is that it also adds a new sidequest. Looking around and fighting all the enemies helps you discover pieces of a treasure map. When the map is completed you can get one of the new weapons, the “Abyssal Trident”.

Once you’re done looking around the Infested Shipwreck, head to the next stage and the bane of my existence, the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is a very unique level in Dead Cells. You start it off by accidentally slamming a door and causing a fire which upsets one of the people living there. Ironically you start the fire by closing a door instead of just breaking through it, which is probably the first time your dude left a door intact.

The fire starts burning everything whilst you rapidly climb up the tower being chased by Calliope. Eventually, the fire dies down a little as you near a room where you have to fight her. Get her health low enough and the fire kicks back up and you have to make the climb again. This time while being attacked by Calliope AND her sister Euterpe who likes to stay away and fire at you with her bow. Make your way to another large room and you have to fight both of them. Upon defeating them they run off, the fire starts again and you make your way up while dodging both sisters AND their third system, the deadly Kleio. Get up to the top of the tower and, you guessed it, fight all three at the same time.

You can watch the video below if you want to see me getting absolutely destroyed by the Lighthouse stage.

If you manage to get through this ordeal you can make your way to the final new area, “The Crown”. I won’t spoil it but this takes you to a new final boss along with a brand new ending.

That does it for the new stages but, if you’re so inclined, you can click on the next page for a list of all the new weapons and armor you can unlock as well as all the new achievements that come with.

Unlocked for the Queen and Sea DLC


  • Scavenged Bombard
  • Hand Hook
  • Queen’s Rapier
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Bladed Tonfas
  • Gilded Yumi
  • Leghugger
  • Abyssal Trident
  • Killing Deck
  • Maw of the Deep


  • Mutineer Outfit
  • Armored Shrimp Carcass Outfit
  • Servant Outfit
  • Toxic Servant Outfit
  • Silver Servant Outfit
  • Aurora Servant Outfit
  • King’s Servant Outfit
  • Flawless Servant Outfit
  • Queen Outfit
  • White Gold Queen Outfit
  • Cherry Blossom Queen Outfit
  • Frozen Queen Outfit
  • Spicy Queen Outfit
  • Flawless Queen Outfit
  • Delayed Hedgehog Outfit


  • Title: Iceberg right ahead! – Description: Reach the Shipwreck for the first time. Reach Lighthouse
  • Title: 8th Wonder – Description: Reach the Lighthouse for the first time.
  • Title: A sparkle in the night – Description: Reach the Crown for the first time.
  • Title: Her Majesty – Description: You beat the Queen!
  • Title: Lilibet – Description: You beat the Queen without taking a single hit!
  • Title: Oh how fast they grow! – Description: Get the Leghugger to evolve.
  • Title: Black flag – Description: Kill a Pirate Captain with the Scavenged Bombard
  • Title: Long live the Queen – Description: Beat the Queen by pushing her into the void
  • Title: Spare! – Description: Kill five enemies with a single throw and recall of the Wrecking Ball
  • Title: Plank walk – Description: Throw an enemy into spikes using the Hand Hook
  • Title: Put that thing back where it came from or so help me – Description: Help the shark get back to the water.
  • Title: Full house – Description: Beat the Queen with the Killing Deck
  • Title: Infiltration – Description: Finish the Lighthouse while wearing a Servant outfit
  • Title: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Description: Beat the Queen with a Queen outfit
  • Title: Herder – Description: Have 2 pets active at the same time
  • Title: You’re not my family – Description: Get the Leghugger to kill an Armored Shrimp