Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a hidden realistic ghost that comes closer and I hate it

One of the things that Animal Crossing: New Horizons really knocked out of the park was some of their modes three-dimensional wallpapers. Whether you’re trying to create the feeling of being in a magical forest, a sun field, or a temple filled with columns, they got you. These wallpapers are awesome because as you turn the camera the perspectives actually change on these, giving the illusion of depth. One might be taking atmospheric a bit too far, however.

Like many other Nintendo games from The Legend of Zelda to Mario to every damn Pokemon game, Animal Crossing has had a share of creepy secrets hidden within. Animal Crossing: New Horizons understood the task ahead of them and went hard. This dude’s in the middle of the main room of my home.

By no means is this one of the only bits of creepiness the game has. At this point, most of us are already aware that most Animal Crossing games have had aliens visiting in the night. In New Horizons, it happens at 3:33 AM as long as you have a TV. But this one we’re talking about today hits a bit different.

One of the new three-dimensional wallpapers is the Graveyard wallpaper. In it, you find yourselves in a small growth of trees while just outside of those is a graveyard sprawling out in every direction. It’s nighttime, there’s fog rolling over everything, it’s perfectly spooky. Some scamp working on the game felt it wasn’t spooky enough, however, and worked in a little easter egg of sorts.

Here’s how to go about seeing it.

First, you put up the Graveyard wallpaper. You don’t have to get extra as I did in the video below, I was just being an armchair Vincent Price. Next, turn off the lights and rotate the camera until you see it. Isn’t that cool? A little ghost near one of the graves.

Turn the lights off again, and it’s gone. Wanna look at it again? Turn the lights off. Oh, it moved. Also, is it closer? Nope. Don’t like that. Lights on.

What? Your friend was in the other room and wanted to see it? Sure, let’s show them. Turn the lights off. It moved again. Where…oh boy it’s really close now. Lights on.

You know what? Let’s turn the lights off one last time. Turn the camera a bit. And now I need to change my pants.

If you don’t have the graveyard wallpaper or just don’t want to be arsed with this bit of spookery, I made a video for you.