Genshin Impact 2.3 preview: 5 biggest takeaways and impressions

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Genshin Impact’s upcoming 2.3 expansion is set to feature tons of new content. From new characters to new artifacts and weapons to familiar faces returning, there’s something for everyone when Shadows Amidst Snowstorms launches later this month. Here are the five biggest things coming in Genshin Impact 2.3.

Genshin Impact 2.3 Impressions: 5 biggest takeaways

1. The Stone Age

This is the Geo update. We’re getting three Geo characters in Arataki Itto, Goro and Albedo in his first re-run banner. Goro is the new four-star character who will appear on Itto’s banner, and his kit is all about buffing other Geo characters.

There’s even a new Geo artifact set that focuses on Defense for all of them to use. The two-piece is a great option for Noelle that will solidify her defenses and healing, but Ningguang and Zhongli don’t get much utility from the set. That’s fine, because those two don’t actually need it and have plenty of great Artifact builds already.

Also, Kokomi gets a “fix” with a weird Artifact set that deals damage from healing. DPS Barbara anyone?

2. Double feature

Speaking of Albedo, 2.3 features a second Event Wish banner for the first time. Albedo and Eula will have separate banners running concurrently in the first half of 2.3, with shared Pity between the both of them.

This means that you can choose either, but any guarantees will not be able to be shared among both. The split banner is a pretty clever way to get Albedo back in player’s hands, as he’s not the most popular character despite being an exceptionally strong unit.

Meanwhile, Eula is still an amazing hyper-carry DPS. The amount of damage she deals is almost absurd at times, where the encounter is over before her attack rotation is even complete.

3. For real?!

The much awaited Arataki Itto has been confirmed to appear, and we got our first look at his gameplay. MiHoYo didn’t reveal his voice actor until now, and it’s a delight to hear Max Mittelman provide the English voice. Most will know him as Saitama in One Punch Man, but I know him best as Ryuji in Persona 5. It’s the perfect casting for a lovable thug like Itto.

4. In excess

Albedo is an extremely strong unit that miHoYo seems to really want people to get. His first appearance in 1.2 brought Festering Desire, still one of the game’s best free-to-play four-star weapons. He can even use Harbinger of Dawn, a three-star weapon that’s normally thrown away, as one of his best. Now, he brings Cinnabar Spindle.

It’s not as generically good as Festering Desire, but this weapon is made for Albedo with the purpose of increasing his damage output to a ridiculous degree. I honestly thought Cinnabar Spindle was a five-star weapon to be on the Weapon Banner during Albedo’s re-run when I first saw the leaks for it.

According to data crunchers on the Albedomains subreddit, this new free four-star Sword will be his best weapon, save for high Refinement five-stars. Combined with the new Defense based Artifact set, Albedo is set to go from great to insane. He didn’t need the buffs, but if you need a strong Geo unit Albedo has everything going for him this time.

Not to mention, Cinnabar Spindle looks phenomenal with his outfit.

5. Albedo’s turn

Albedo’s the star of the event’s story, but his banner will assuredly be overshadowed by Itto and Eula. It does seem that the story is ramping up, as Albedo has long been teased as being a destructive force kept in check. The trailer shows him fighting against Eula and Bennet, and is the first time allied characters have been shown fighting one another.

I don’t think miHoYo will do anything as gutsy as killing off a playable character just yet, and the my bet is that the fight is either some doppelgänger or a test conducted by Albedo. He’s shown using Cryo attacks, furthering the intrigue and speculations about his Alchemy.

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Albedo did study the Traveler’s ability to absorb elements in 1.2, and this definitely feels like a continuation of that story. It’s got me excited to see them expand upon one of the game’s most enigmatic characters.