TFT Set 6: Gizmos & Gadgets release date, arenas and Pass+

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Teamfight Tactics Set 6, dubbed Gizmos & Gadgets, is set to arrive with patch 11.22. According to Riot’s patch schedule, that will be on November 3, 2021. Season 6 will serve as a refresh for TFT, introducing a new set of champions, traits and cosmetics.

Speaking of cosmetics, the Gizmos & Gadgets Pass will feature new Little Legends, arenas and more. Duckbill is the newest Little Legend and comes with multiple variants: Honeybuzz, Delivery Rush, Pajama Party, Sugarcone, Zaunite, Piltover, and Goodest!

There are also Gizmos & Gadgets variants for existing Little Legends, including Gloop and Piximander.

As per usual, the Gizmos & Gadgets Pass will offer a two tracks. The free track will include things such as Little Legend eggs and emotes; however, the Pass+ (for 1295) will come with even more rewards such as arenas, exclusive Little Legends and Star Shards. The Hextech inspired Arcane Sprite will be unlocked just for purchasing for the Pass+.

There are also three new arenas: Sky-High Station, Chemtech Plaza and Shisa’s Study. All three of these arenas look pretty incredible but I’m also biased as I’m a sucker for this theme.

As much as I’m a fan of these Pass+ arenas, I think I prefer the Jinx and Vi arenas. As usual, this set will come with two additional arenas that can be purchased individually for 1380RP each.

The first is Jinx’s Explody-Fun-Land, which is absolutely amazing. A mix between the set’s aesthetic and inspiration from Jinx’s “Get Jinxed” video, Jinx’s Explody-Fun-Land responds to your wins and losses with explosive monkeys, neon pain parties and more. There are also interactive elements on the map, including a Carousel scene and a carnival game where you have to knock out Ziggs’ teeth.

We also have Vi’s Pummel Pit. This is another amazing arena that reacts to your wins and losses and also has interactive elements. I think I prefer Jinx’s arena but this one is awesome in its own right. With the League of Legends animated series, Arcane, debuting on Netflix in November, it’s no wonder why both of these are featured arenas this set.

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I wasn’t a huge fan of Season 5 for Teamfight Tactics, but I’m really looking forward to Season 6. Not only is the theme, Gizmos & Gadgets right in my wheelhouse, but it looks like all of the changes — the new champions and traits and Hextech Augments — will result in more player agency.