TFT: Teamfight Tactics is finally getting a co-op mode

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Earlier this year, Riot Games rolled out Labs for Teamfight Tactics. This new feature playlist was a way for Riot to experiment with new ways to play TFT by offering alternative modes with slight twists on the auto-battler.

The first Lab to launch was Hyper Roll. The idea behind this mode was to create a shorter gameplay experience while still offering players everything they love about TFT — team building, rolling, etc. The mode was such a success that it’s going to remain in place during the next upcoming set with some improvements designed to make it “less hectic.”

However, we’re also getting a new Lab, and this one will deliver on one of the biggest community requests — the ability to play Teamfight Tactics with a friend cooperatively. While you can currently queue up with friends to play Teamfight Tactics, you’re still playing against them in the game. This new Lab will allow you to actually work together as a two-person team.

There’s no official name yet, but this partnered cooperative mode will allow you and a friend to queue up and work together to defeat three other teams (so 2v2v2v2). Each player will still control their own board, however, teams will share a health pool. Many of the mechanic details still remain under wraps, but you will be able to help out your teammate through the Assist Armory.

This new partnered mode will launch shortly after the new set drops. It will remain running for a few patches before Riot takes it back to the shop to make adjustments based on data and player feedback. The end goal, it seems, is to turn this into a more “complete” and hopefully permanent mode at a later date.

Set 6 is expect to launch in November, so depending on when exactly, the new partner co-op lab could arrive that month or possibly December.

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This is easily one of the best modes Riot could’ve announced. As someone who plays Teamfight Tactics with a friend, it often sucked having to compete against them as the only way to play with them. This will allow us to play cooperatively, share strategies and work together to climb the ranks as a team. It also gives me a built in excuse to blame him for when I inevitably finish eighth.