Monster Hunter Rise x Mega Man: How to get Rush as your Palamute

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Today, a new event was added in Monster Hunter Rise as part of their crossover with other Capcom properties. But unlike the one that can turn you into Street Park hobo, Akuma, this one actually looks really really damn cool.

Every Monster Hunter gets a Mega Man-themed something and with Monster Hunter Rise being the first game in the franchise where you get a dog (Palamute), you can turn it into Rush. And did they do a great job on this good boy.

To unlock the Rush layered armor for your Palamute you need to make sure your Switch is online and download the newest event quest titled “Blue Bomber’s Best Bud” because bless alliteration.

This is a relatively quick arena fight against a smaller than normal Zinogre and even quicker if you let other people join. Completion will net you the necessary robot parts you’ll need to build the armor.

You’ll need four. In my first match, I only got one but in the second match I ate beforehand and one of the things in my food had an ability to boost my rewards. That match I got three.

You also need two scraps from a Zinogre+ which isn’t that hard to come by. Just have the person who makes buddy armor turn whatever Zinogre+ piece you have the most of into scrap.

Once completed and equipped you got him! You can even change its armor color which is cool because I feel like everyone is going to be using this thing, especially with the amazing custom animations he’s got. If you thought Okami’s thing was cool where boosted runs would make nature effects like snowflakes or flowers behind it, wait until you see Rush turn into Rush Jet. Or why just jump off when you can be Rush Coiled? It’s fantastic.

You can also do the regular pet animations with Rush and I love it. Here’s me giving Rush a treat. Note I’ve given me and my pets autumnal colors as well as turned my weapon into a pumpkin as my editor is remarkably basic and won’t be able to see it otherwise.

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Make sure to hop on and gets yours today…as long as you’re above Hunter Rank 4 of course, but still. You can find it in the gathering hub once you’ve downloaded the event. Get to it.