Genshin Impact: Raiden Shogun guide to Ascension, Talents, Bosses

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While Raiden scales off Energy Recharge, you don’t necessarily need to go for Recharge in your Sands. If the Weapon you’re using on her has Energy Recharge, go for ATK% on the Sands. If the weapon has an ATK stat, go for Recharge in the Sands. Otherwise, you’ll want Electro DMG on the Goblet and CRIT DMG or Rate on the Circlet. Look for Energy Recharge in the sub-stats.

Raiden Shogun Artifacts

4 Emblem of Severed Fate

This set may be Raiden’s best, as it gives a huge boost to Energy Recharge. It also converts her Energy Recharge into a Burst damage bonus, which Raiden can use extremely well since her stance change counts as Burst damage.

Two pieces of this set give a 20% increase to Energy Recharge, but it really shines when a full set of this is on. The four-piece bonus gives a Burst DMG increase equal to a quarter of the character’s total Energy Recharge. Raiden naturally has high Energy Recharge. At a baseline, you get a massive 38% DMG boost to her Elemental Burst when Raiden is fully Ascended.

That’s not even counting any more Energy Recharge that comes from Artifact stats or Weapons. You can’t get more than a 75% damage bonus this way, but you’d need 300 Energy Recharge to hit the limit. That much Recharge gets you into diminishing returns, however.

Raiden Shogun Weapons

You’re looking for Weapons with either high power and abilities or with Energy Recharge. Raiden’s best weapon is Engulfing Lightning, which is her ‘canon’ weapon that was made for her. Check out our detailed look at Engulfing Lightning for more. Other five-star Polearms are fine on Raiden just based on how powerful they all are.

It’s unlikely you have these five-star options, but her next best weapon is The Catch, obtainable for free via the Fishing minigame. It increases Elemental Burst DMG by 16% and Burst CRIT Rate by 6% at first Refinement. Refining this is free, so you’ll end up with a massive 32% Burst DMG increase and 12% CRIT rate. It even has Energy Recharge as its secondary stat!

Other four-star weapons good on Raiden are Favonius Lance, Deathmatch and the Royal Spear. Again, if you choose the Deathmatch or Royal Spear, be sure to use an Energy Recharge Sands instead of ATK%.

The craftable options aren’t amazing on Raiden. While Prototype Starglitter has Energy Recharge as its secondary stat, its ability cares about Normal Attacks which Raiden does not use. The Kitain Cross Spear has Elemental Mastery and the Crescent Pike increases Physical damage, so your best free-to-play option is by far The Catch.