FIFA 22 trailer breaks down HyperMotion gameplay improvements

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EA released the first gameplay trailer for FIFA 22 today and the focus is all about the new HyperMotion technology and how it will elevate the overall gameplay experience on next-gen.

The trailer begins by offering an overview of what HyperMotion is exactly. It combines advanced 11v11 match capture with machine learning, and the result is a slew of new features that, in theory, improve FIFA 22’s gameplay. The trailer touches on seven new features in FIFA 22 made possible through HyperMotion.

Full Team Authentic Motion is a full animation refresh — the biggest in FIFA history. For the first time, EA performed simultaneous motion capture of 22 players in a high intensity match. The data recorded inspires over 4,000 animations, raising the responsiveness, physicality and intensity of an actual match.

ML-Flow translates 8.7 million frames of match capture data into responsible animation. The ML-Flow algorithm lets you adjust your stride in real time with first touch precision as you approach the ball.

Tactical A.I. simply refers to the improved logic of the other players on the pitch. With up to six times more decisions made per second, attackers are quicker to react and smarter with the routes. A defensive rewrite improves the overall defensive unit.

Other features, such as Kinetic Air Battles and Composed Ball Control, simply give you more control over the players and allow you to feel the intensity of collisions. It’s all about more responsiveness and cleaner outcomes.

Finally, player humanization. This is exactly what it sounds like — more realistic animations that are representative of what you would see in real life.

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Remember, HyperMotion is only available on next-gen consoles, so the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only. But that doesn’t mean other improvements haven’t been made. All versions of FIFA 22 will experience a goalkeeper rewrite, true ball physics, explosive sprint, new attacking tactics, an immersive matchday experience and bigger goal moments.

Of course, it didn’t take fans long to nitpick through some of the gameplay footage shown. Most of the criticism was directed towards the goalkeeper animations, particularly at the 2:38 mark. Some of the animations seem a little exaggerated and unnecessary. But again, there’s only so much feel for the game you can get through a trailer.

I know EA typically strives to create a similar gameplay experience across all platforms, but it’s becoming clearer that the next-gen version of FIFA 22 is the one to go with. HyperMotion seems like game-changing technology, and a true next-step for the series. If you’re a diehard soccer fan, you’re going to need to find a way to get a hold of a next-gen console because FIFA 22 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S looks amazing.