Genshin Impact: Ayaka Guide to Ascension, Talents, Bosses, Builds

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Ayaka wants to be on the field as much as possible. She has an alternate sprint like Mona, where she disappears when dashing. When Ayaka reappears, she gets a Cryo Infusion to her Normal Attacks, so you’ll want to build around Cryo damage with a traditional DPS build.

Ayaka Artifacts

Her main source of damage comes from Cryo infusion, so you’ll want the traditional DPS build of ATK% on the Sands, Cryo DMG Bonus on the Goblet, and CRIT DMG on the Circlet.

4 Blizzard Strayer

Blizzard Strayer is the main set you want to give Ayaka. At two pieces, you get a 15% Cryo DMG bonus. At a full four pieces, you get a CRIT Rate bonus against enemies affected by Cryo. If they’re frozen, it increases to 40%. Since Ayaka deals some Cryo when she goes in and out of her alternate sprint, you’ll always have Cryo applied to enemies. The CRIT Rate bonus works great with her Passive talents and naturally high CRIT DMG.

Ayaka Weapons

As always, any five-star like Mistsplitter Reforged will be great on her, but Ayaka also has great free-to-play options.

The new Amenoma Kageuchi gives some raw attack, but the ability acts as a battery to power Ayaka’s strong Elemental Burst. If you have Ayaka paired with a Burst Support like Xingqiu for a perma-Freeze build or Xiangling in a reverse-Melt strategy, Iron Sting can take advantage of Ayaka’s Cyro Infusion.

Blackcliff Longsword is available in the Item Shop for Starglitter, which is technically free-to-play. It gives a 12% damage bonus after defeating an enemy. This synergizes with her huge Elemental Burst range, but the real reason it’s good is because of the CRIT DMG sub-stat.

The Battle Pass’s The Black Sword is alright on her, as it helps give her some more CRIT Rate to go with her innately high CRIT DMG. It’s not the most efficient, since the four-piece Blizzard Strayer bonus should give more than enough CRIT Rate. If you’re not using the full four-piece Blizzard Strayer, The Black Sword is a fine choice for Ayaka.

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