Mario Golf reviewers seem to have forgotten about Everybody’s Golf

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Mario Golf has been out for a little bit now and it’s absolutely fine and enjoyable if you’re a big Nintendo fan. But there’s a thing with a lot of reviews that is miffing me to no end.

See, a lot of sites have been doing this thing where while reviewing the features of Mario Golf they keep forgetting golf royalty and it’s driving me nuts. The infamous “A.V.Club” recently dropped this headline in their feed and I wanted to punch a hole in drywall: “Nintendo has finally fixed golf, a sport that has been terrible for centuries”

In the article, the author goes into detail about how adding things like a golf race has made what is normally a boring game exciting.

Ex. Cuse. Me?

There has been a series of golf games that’s been around for years known as Everybody’s Golf. Or in the states you may have witnessed the time it was called Hot Shots Golf. It not only came out years ago but has everything Mario Golf has and more. Look at this trailer and spot all the different things.

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First off, you get to make your own character from a wide variety of parts which can be used to make insane characters. I have characters that dead-on look like DBZ‘s Krillan, to a spot on Kazuma from the Yakuza series.

Secondly the crossovers have created amazing opportunities like the ability to drive in a Cart that looks like someone from Yo-kai Watch or, best of all, ride on a Chocobo.

There is online multiplayer modes where you have to frantically run and drive around a golf course trying to get as many points as possible within a time limit. There are massive tourney modes where up to 50 people can play at the same time. There are areas where people can just walk around and hang out and chat. And even fishing. If there’s a big water trap with a dock that you can walk up to it when you’re not golfing and just start fishing.

Like, Mario Golf is okay. But honestly, don’t say it invented this stuff. Heck, Mario Golf even took its swing mechanic from Everybody’s Golf. Don’t forget about Dre.