Miitopia: How to unlock the Elf Class

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Miitopia is an RPG on the Nintendo Switch with a ridiculous amount of jobs your character can fight as. Everything from traditional classes like Clerics and Mages to jobs like Cats and Flowers. But what a lot of people don’t know about is that there are also two HIDDEN job classes you might play through the game and miss out on and both are a lot of fun.

We’ve already covered over how to get the Vampire job class so we’re good there. But we’re going over what is considered by many to be one of the most useful classes in the game, the Elf class.

Unfortunately, while a very useful and fun class, you can’t access it until you’re at the end game content after beating the main story and seeing the credits and all that fun stuff. This is a bummer but luckily there’s a lot of endgame stuff for you to cut your teeth on. So let’s get into it.

After completing the main story for the game you’ll unlock two new areas. The one we’re going to is to the left and called the Galados Isle. When you get there you’re going to go all the way across, making sure to complete all the stages to get a medal to open the gate at the end. The gate leads to a portal. Go through it. Here are the directions to show you how far you have to go in.

Be warned. When you go through that portal you’re in for some of the harder non-boss fights in the game. You want to be at least close to 30 and have characters able to resurrect each other. Luckily, none of these enemies count as bosses though as I found out when my team’s cleric cast “Righteous Anger” on a replica of the Dark Lord and took it out with one hit leaving me staring at my screen in disbelief for a moment.

Once you get through the area beyond the portal you’ll earn the “Elven Charm”. Then, spend a night in the inn and it’ll activate giving you the Elf job class.

Are we going to get into the implications of race being a choice instead of simply giving you a class that makes you an archer? NOPE. But once you get the charm activated, you’re going to have access to some really cool attacks as your character levels.

Two early ones that are very helpful are the Dancing Arrow, an attack that hits an enemy with an arrow that makes them waste turns dancing…

And, Enchanted Arrows, an attack that makes the elf jump high into the area, raining down enchanted arrows charged with Light energy on all enemies in the battle. As your elf gets stronger this attack gets ridiculously powerful, similar to the Chilling Breath of the Vampire.

The class is a lot of fun to use and, while I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get a whole game to enjoy these characters in, having these late to the game entries make the end game content a lot more fun as you still have new character moves to discover.