Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki challenge guide: How to complete all challenges

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The Maguu Kenki is a new boss in Genshin Impact that previews the much anticipated Inazuma. It even has its own event tab for 1.6 with a set of challenges to complete. Maguu Kenki has a ton of attacks, so determining how to complete the challenges can be tough if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t need to complete challenges, it’s still good to know so you can make farming materials for Kazuha easier. Here’s how to complete each of the Maguu Kenki challenges, with detailed descriptions of its attack patterns.

How to Defeat a Maguu Kenki without being hit by its Phantom’s attacks

The Maguu Kenki summons a phantom of itself to greatly increase its attack range. The phantom won’t come until Maguu Kenki has lost a quarter of its health. Some of these attacks will require you to use the invincibility frames you get from dashing. It has a lot of Phantom attacks, so let’s take a look at the four phantom attacks I’ve identified.

Maguu Kenki Phantom attack list

Back step

If you attack right in its face, the Maguu Kenki will sheath its sword, step backwards and leave the phantom at its initial position. They will then pull their swords out for spin slash that hits all around them. There’s a lot of wind up, so if you escape right when the phantom appears you can easily dodge both. The phantom’s attack has a larger radius than the real one.

Ranged slash

The ranged slash is similar to the back step attack, except they will fire projectiles at you. You’ll know its the ranged attack when you don’t see the circle that accompanies attack range by their feet. The real one will slash at you three to four times, with the phantom only firing once. Watch your position so you don’t get pincered.

Double slash

When it sheathes its sword and doesn’t perform the back step, it will perform a circular slash with the phantom performing a follow up attack. You’ll want to dodge the first slash and then dodge towards Maguu Kenki, since the phantom’s attack has a larger range but won’t cover right in front of it.

Phantom plunge

This attack is deceptive, since the phantom hides in the attack animation. You can tell when it does the plunge when it lifts up two swords. It has a huge attack range, and if you have small character like Klee you won’t be able to dodge. Even with a lankier character like Zhongli, you have to start dashing right when you see it pull out the sword. If not, you’ll have to use invincibility frames to get around it.

Triple slash

One of the Maguu Kenki’s rarer attacks, this is a series of slashes with the phantom. The real ones is telegraphed and slow, but the phantom will follow your position. If you get some distance, this attack won’t reach you.

Maguu Kenki mask parry

The mask parry triggers when you use a ranged attack at a distance. It doesn’t seem to trigger when attacking at close range, but to guarantee the mask parry does not trigger don’t use a bow or catalyst character.

Defeat a Maguu Kenki without being hit by its mask’s attacks

Maguu Kenki has two mask attacks. The first is a close range attack where the two halves of the masks converge, and then it will thrust them forward. To dodge this, you can simply walk to the side. The second attack is when you’re away from it, where it will launch the mask halves and then try to clamp them on you. It has a little more range, so dash accordingly. The masks attacks are both highly telegraphed, so you can escape them pretty easily.

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