Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands wishlist: Eight things we want to see

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5. Good loot

A big chunk of what makes looter shooter games so addicting is the rewarding loot. If there’s anything Gearbox is not stingy with is the amount of loot you earn playing their games. I want there to be lootsplosions similar to how raid bosses do upon defeating them in BL2. Even if there is a lot of junk and lesser rarity loot to sift through, there’s just something so satisfying seeing a bunch of different colors flying out of a boss with the occasional legendary or two in the mix.

We probably shouldn’t worry too much about the loot since the other games really nailed it. I just want to keep showering in new and exciting loot, swapping things in and out to fit my build as I progress in the game.

6. A sizeable and sustainable endgame

I think Borderlands 3 set a really strong precedent with the two takedowns currently in the game. It has difficult mobbing sections, different tasks, a mid-mission boss, and a final boss with some of the game’s best loot. I hope Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has something like several dungeons and raids that tests the players’ gear and skill.

I want to take a fully decked out character out into some difficult content and actually feel like I can’t breeze through everything by myself. And in the event that I am able to, it should feel like there was some skill involved rather than having my gear carry me throughout.