Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands wishlist: Eight things we want to see

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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
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3. Some character inclusion from Borderlands

While this is a standalone title, it was hinted that there is something for Borderlands fans to enjoy, along with the new. If there aren’t any character cameos in this game like Brick wanting to be a siren who punches everything, I hope that there are things in place that act as equivalents of ECHO logs scattered around the playing fields.

Perhaps also adding onto the Easter eggs and references, there can be something like Borderlands 3 did with their Fallen Heroes cosmetics and weapons.

4. Good weapon balance

My expectations of this game are somewhat high like they were with Borderlands 3. I expect a healthy meta to exist in the endgame. The design philosophy going into BL3 right now is very solid; a lot of the underwhelming items in the game have gotten significant balance changes so they can be as effective as the top tier stuff. I do expect some unintended and absolutely broken builds and item synergies, but I want there to be a plethora of loot that is actually worthwhile to use.

I want to be able to use these different item combinations so the grind can actually be worthwhile. At some point playing Borderlands 2 and 3, I tired out from using the only effective weapons because it felt cheap and trivialized each respective game’s difficulty. Luckily with 3 getting more support, there was more of an incentive to farm the buffed gear. I hope going forward into the new game, that philosophy stays constant.