My wishlist for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

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Minecraft - Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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A Smash Game that isn’t Smash Bros

I have been saying for years that Smash needs to be a bigger franchise, extending beyond just the Smash Brothers’ fighting game.

Instead of games like Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Party and Mario Kart, we need Smash Tennis, Smash Gold, Smash Party and Smash Kart.

Imagine, Waluigi speeding his kart through a Pokemon-themed track, dodging some Aipoms running across the track as the Ice Climbers speed past you on a little ATV.

Imagine, Kirby rolling the dice and moving forward through a Party board based off a facility from Metal Gear and passing a security camera causing an event that causes Metal Gear Rex to jump onto the board and chase Kirby away from that area along with everyone else that was near the chaos.

Imagine, Mario stepping onto the tennis court facing off against Link using a Master Sword themed Tennis Racket.

Imagine, Mr. Game and Watch hitting a 300 yard shot across a golf course that looks like it’s set on an island owned by Tom Nook. The ball lands in the rough and Mr. Resetti pops up and yells at you for being careless.

There is so many options here that would allow them a million fun ideas and it absolutely kills me they haven’t gone this route yet.

Possibility: Netflix responds positively to my spec script

Gameboy Advance Nintendo Switch Collection

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner with an online account, you more than likely have messed around in the NES and Super NES collections on the Switch. The slowly growing collection of classic games for both systems that come free with online membership.

I know a lot of people have been chomping at the bit for a Nintendo 64 collection but hear me out, Nintendo 64 games HAVE NOT AGED WELL. But try a Gameboy Advance game and tell me that thing isn’t still beautiful. Pixels hold up way better than polygons, don’t @ me.

Imagine having access to the Golden Sun games, the early Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga games, Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Astro Boy (trust me).

You could even have special versions of some of these games. For example, you may know that there was a port of Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Game Boy Advance but did you know that if you had the ill-fated “E-reader” you could actually add other items from different Mario games into Super Mario Bros 3?

Give me an option to play with all the unlockable levels and items like the Cape from Super Mario World and the ability to throw turnips from the ground like in Super Mario Bros 2.

Possibility: You get a job that your degree was actually designed for