Genshin Impact: Eula Build Guide and Team Strategy

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Genshin Impact’s latest event five-star character Eula proposes an interesting challenge for strategy and teams for travelers who want to make the most of her. Here’s the best Eula build and the teammates you should be pairing her with.

We’ve already gone through what Eula needs to Ascend in our Complete Eula Guide, so I’ll focus more on the strategy and team builds that was not covered in that.

Genshin Impact Eula Build Guide and Team Strategy

Eula is a unique character. She’s all about Physical damage, and her kit wants her to be out on the field. Because she’s not triggering reactions and needs to be out for her skills to work properly, Eula functions as a Physical DPS that demands to be built around.

Genshin Impact Eula Build Guide- Artifacts

Despite having a Cryo vision, most of Eula’s damage is Physical. She only deals a quick shot of Cryo damage when using her Skill and Burst. With this in mind, your best Artifact sets for Eula are either Pale Flame of Bloodstained Chivalry. You can go with a four-piece Pale Flame or a two-piece of both. Pale Flame’s four-piece bonus was made for Eula, and gives you an ATK and Physical damage buff. Having two of both Pale Flame and Bloodstained gives Eula a static, but big boost to Physical damage.

For stats, your Sands should be ATK%, Goblet should be Physical DMG, and the Circlet should have CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate. I prefer Rate, since Eula gets a bonus to CRIT DMG anyway when she ascends.

Eula also has an issue with Energy gain, so you’ll want to have Energy Recharge in your substats as much as possible and pair her with the right teammates. That brings us to:

Genshin Impact Eula Build Guide- Team Compositions and Supports

Eula doesn’t play well with others, but others play well with her. She can use a variety of supports, and she can use ones that a lot of other characters don’t need. For example, Xingqiu and Venti are almost must-haves, but Eula brings out the potential of other under-used units. You can save these supports for another team if you’re playing Spiral Abyss.

Eula is a carry DPS, meaning you’ll be relying on her to be dishing out most of your damage. Because she can mitigate downtime, you don’t necessarily need a sub-DPS to switch to.

The main issue with Eula is her slow energy gain, so you’ll want to pair her with battery characters. Any character that has an Elemental Skill that deals damage even when they’re off-field is great for Eula. The units that drop “pets” like Fischl and Xiangling can deal damage over time, but more importantly, they generate particles for Eula. Rosaria is the best support to go with Eula, since she can generate Cryo particles with her Burst and make Eula even more efficient.

Xingqiu and Venti are good with Eula, but are better served in other teams because she can’t take advantage of Freezing with Xingqiu or Swirling with Venti. Shield makers like Noelle, Zhongli or Ninguang can protect her from damage, and traditional healers like Barbara and Bennett work just as well. Ninguang and Bennett have some extra utility since their Bursts persist even when they leave the field.

Genshin Impact Eula Build Guide- Weapons

Weapons have the most variance since your available pool will depend on the luck of your rolls. The Snow-Tombed Starsilver is one of her best weapons, and you can craft it. This weapon didn’t really have a good user until Eula came along. It fits her kit well and aesthetically matches if you’re into that. For light spenders, the Battle Pass’s Serpent Spine is another great weapon on Eula.

Four-star options that can be good are Favonius Greatsword for its Energy Recharge and particle generation, and the Sacrificial Greatsword for getting more Grimheart stacks in addition to Energy Recharge.

Genshin Impact Eula Build Guide- Strategy

Eula wants to be out often, so you’ll want to set her up for success before she goes on her Physical damage rampage. Pop the abilities that you have before Eula comes out so she can pick up those sweet particles and get to her Elemental Burst faster. Use her Skill to get Grimheart stacks often, and pop them by holding the Skill button to deal heavy damage. Her Burst can negate the cooldown of her Skill and give you a Grimheart stack, so you can use this after the hold-mode to get back into the action sooner or to get two stacks quickly. If you deploy your abilities properly, you should be able to shred through most encounters.

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