RUST on console just as tough as on PC

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If you’re a survival gamer and want to play a new game on console, don’t turn to RUST unless you’re looking for a real challenge.

RUST is now available on consoles and it’s really a good game, all things considered. The PC stalwart is embarking on a new adventure but that’s where things get a bit harder. What is RUST, why are we on a huge land with no real escape, and why do I have a rock?

No, those are serious questions you’ll have to ask yourself when you start the game.

There aren’t any real prompts from what I saw upon my first play. If you want to know the controls, look at the menu. There is no guide to what you have to do, no info prompts and there is definitely no way to survive radiation poisoning without some kind of pill.

No seriously, this one has radiation poisoning and some guys in suits shooting you. Did I mention that there are some very obvious player killers out there just making your time harder?

Other than that, treat it kind of like Minecraft and No Man’s Sky and just find a way to build a shelter.

I will be honest, I love a challenge but even I will admit that I was in over my head. But I liked it.

If I wasn’t wasting time being bludgeoned to death by a rock, I was spending my time trying to break down a tree with a rock. I even built a horrible wood building, but I was attacked inside of it and died. Hilariously by a rock. Get used to dying a lot.

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During the review test, I wasn’t able to check out the solo server and various other small features but RUST has a certain charm that I liked when I was avoiding death like the plague. Graphically, it was a good look on the PlayStation 5 but there is a truth that the game isn’t exactly optimized for the PS5, yet.

If you’re a fan of survival games and one that’s as hardcore as this, you need to pick up a copy immediately and play it. Or start your own server, invite your friends and grow a community that you believe will be fun and exciting.

Also, do yourself a solid, don’t die 100 times as I did.