Battlefield 6 scheduled to be revealed in June

Unfortunately for fans of the Battlefield franchise, the last new game they have gotten to play has been Battlefield 5. While Battlefield 5 wasn’t downright terrible, it did not get the greatest reviews from gamers. The cycle of an annual released Battlefield game was officially broken last year. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise by any means because EA released a tweet back in 2019 which stated that there would not be a new installment in the franchise in 2020.

We all know Battlefield 6 is coming, but nobody knows much about it or when it will be officially released. However, the reason on why we know Battlefield 6 is coming in the future is because General Manager of Dice, Oskar Gabrielson, said earlier last month “we have our biggest team ever on a Battlefield game for console and PC. Together, we are creating a jaw-dropping experience for you to enjoy later in 2021.”

Based on what he is saying, we know that a Battlefield game is going to be released sometime this year. The most important takeaway we can grasp thus far is that we know something is coming very soon.

To add even more fuel to the rumor mill, Battlefield’s official Twitter page released a very interesting tweet. The tweet stated, ” Words that rhyme with soon. June. Boom.”

That has to be the biggest clue that we have gotten for Battlefield 6 by far. It isn’t even close. There is really no other option for this being a clue hinting at a reveal trailer for the game sometime in June. Andy McNamara, Director of Comms for Shooters and Star Wars at Electronic Arts, later confirmed June would be the date.

There have been a few leaked screenshots of the new game so far, but nothing official released by EA. Hopefully, June will be the last month for speculation on Battlefield 6 and then can begin speculation on all the features the new game will hold.

Regardless of not a reveal is made in June, we still know a game is currently being developed. For the sake of headaches and fan speculation, hopefully, more answers are revealed sometime next month. So, are you ready for the reveal on Battlefield 6 next month?