MLB The Show 21: Team overall ratings and rankings revealed

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MLB The Show 21 officially released in early access for those who pre-ordered the Collector’s Editions of the game. Yesterday, we presented you the top-rated players at each position. Today, we’re looking at each of the teams and their ratings.

There are five categories of ratings for each team: Overall ranking, Speed, Contact, Power, Pitching and Defense. While we’ll look at each specific category for every team in a bit, let’s first take a look at the best teams in MLB The Show 21 at launch, based solely on Overall Ranking:

  1. LA Dodgers
  2. New York Yankees
  3. San Diego Padres
  4. New York Mets
  5. Atlanta Braves
  6. Houston Astros
  7. Washington Nationals
  8. Chicago White Sox
  9. St. Louis Cardinals
  10. Minnesota Twins
  11. Chicago Cubs
  12. Cleveland Indians
  13. Los Angeles Angels
  14. Philadelphia Phillies
  15. Oakland Athletics
  16. Milwaukee Brewers
  17. Tampa Bay Rays
  18. Kansas City Royals
  19. Boston Red Sox
  20. Arizona Diamondbacks
  21. Cincinnati Reds
  22. Toronto Blue Jays
  23. Miami Marlins
  24. San Francisco Giants
  25. Colorado Rockies
  26. Detroit Tigers
  27. Texas Rangers
  28. Seattle Mariners
  29. Pittsburgh Pirates
  30. Baltimore Orioles

There are quite a few surprises here, namely the New York Mets being ranked as the 4th best team in the game. The Mets have some talent, but more than the Braves? That’s debatable. The Angels are also ranked 13th on the list, while the Red Sox are just 19th.

What remains unclear as we dive into each category for every team is how Sony San Diego weighs each one as it pertains to the overall ranking. For example, you’ll see that the Nationals are the 7th best team in MLB The Show 21 based on Overall Ranking despite only being in the top 10 for one category, Pitching, where they are ranked 4th. The Mets have an Overall Ranking of 4, which makes sense when you average their Contact, Power and Pitching, but they are also ranked in the 20s for Speed and Defense. So it’s clear, some categories are more heavily weighted when determining a team’s ranking.

Take a look at each team’s ratings as well as some of their star players through the pages below, which are broken down by division. Let us know if you agree with the ratings!