Clash of Clans Spring 2021 update: Town Hall 14 and Hero’s Pet leaked

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Supercell has yet to release any sneak peeks for the upcoming Spring update for Clash of Clans, but various leaks have spoiled some of what may be included.  Among the highlights — none of which have been confirmed by Supercell themselves — including the release of Town Hall 14 and something referred to as “Hero’s Pet.”

Town Hall 14 leaked image

The official Clash of Clans subreddit dedicated to leaks is rampant with speculation of what’s to come when the update drops this month. Chief among the leaks is the release of Town Hall 14. It was previously believed that Town Hall 14 wouldn’t arrive until the Summer update but with the return of Hammer Jam — which reduces the Home Village building costs — and numerous leaks, it’s strongly believed it will arrive with the Spring update.

If you watched the Hammer Jam announcement video, you’ll remember a specific moment in which the characters were looking up at something with a green aura. This seemed to line up with theories that Town Hall 14 would be jungle-themed. This leaked image of what is believed is Town Hall 14 looks like an Aztec temple and is green, which is also in line with these theories.

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Hero’s Pet leak

Another major leak is something being referred to as “Hero’s Pet.” The image shows a building that basically looks like an outdoor shack or dog house. Of the two leaks, this one seems most out of place, but there is some evidence that suggests it could be real.

For starters, there are three different animal footprints featured on the building’s stoop. One of them looks like a bird or owl print. Again, we turn to the Hammer Jam video for evidence to back up this leak as there was a brief moment where the video shows an owl sitting on a branch outside the village.

If that weren’t enough, there’s also the Clash of Clans April Fools’ Day prank. On April 1, the Clash of Clans account posted a video for ClashPetZ, a funny joke video that teased pets for the CoC heroes. Maybe we’re looking too far into this, but what if it wasn’t a joke? I mean, what if the pets shown were jokes, but what if this new building actually allows for your Heroes to have pets?

Maybe it’s a stretch, but maybe not?

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Spring 2021 update release?

I thought the Clash of Clans update would be out sometime this week but seeing as how Supercell hasn’t even begun the sneak peeks, we might be waiting a bit longer. One of the leaks says the Town Hall 14 update will be released on April 16.

I, personally, think that’s a little long for the timeframe. If Supercell begins the sneak peeks early next week, I don’t see why the Spring 2021 update won’t be released the week of April 16, like on Tuesday, April 13.

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