Monster Hunter Rise: Five dream crossovers we want to see

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You think I am playing and I absolutely assure you I am not.

See, there are a lot of weapons in Splatoon (especially if you count the ones shown for Splatoon 3) that have weapon equivalents in Monster Hunter. There’s a bow and arrow, there’s guns, you could use the giant roller as a hammer, the bucket could be at the end of a hunter’s horn, the paint brush could be a giant sword, there’s so many ways this could work.

Not only that, but the Monster Hunter crossovers tend to, occasionally, have a cosmetic change for the game. For example, in Monster Hunter World, if you have the pixelated Mega Man outfit on your Palico, instead of healing items, it hands you E canisters from the Mega Man games. So here’s my idea.

You can hit enemies with mud and that mud will visibly coat them. They have the stuff in place to make any enemy look like it’s been hit with shiny brown mud. Give the weapons the ability to coat the enemies in colors like that. Instead of mud, make it look like paint. Just change the color to a primary color and we’re golden. That Khezu (that awful awful Khezu) wouldn’t look at horrible with a fresh coat of paint…probably.

Well no. The Khezu would always be gross. But it would still be cool to see.

Not only that but creating armor that looks like Splatoon fashion would be pretty awesome to see as well. Even if you don’t do it for the hunter, at least give us a Squidkid Palico!