Genshin Impact Venti guide to Ascension Materials, Talents, Bosses, Artifacts, Weapons

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How to Get Vayuda Turquoise

As an Anemo user, you’ll need Vayuda Turquoise from defeating the Anemo Hypostasis in Mondstadt. You can also get them as random drops from weekly bosses, but those are random. The Anemo Hypostasis is the best way to get these.

The Anemo Hypostasis is immune to Anemo attacks, so Venti himself won’t be particularly useful against it. There’s a few platforming sections to this fight, so a character with a mobility skill like Keqing is useful. The Anemo Hypostasis also has a few combo attacks that can one shot you if you’re not careful.

How to get Hurricane Seed

You’ll get Hurricane Seeds as a drop from fighting the Anemo Hypostasis.

How to Get Slime Condensate, Slime Secretions, Slime Concentrate

You’ll have no problems getting these Slime items, as they’re the most common enemy in the game. You may have overlooked picking up their drops since they are so common, so don’t miss out on them. You’ll be encountering slimes everywhere, and you’ll be sure to get a bunch when you do your daily commissions.

How to Get Teachings of Ballad, Guide to Ballad, Philosophies of Ballad

He may be the God of Freedom, but Venti just loves a good song. You’ll need to get the Ballad talent books from the Forsaken Rift on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The challenges here aren’t difficult, with the only stipulation being that your stamina consumption will be increased. You’ll be fighting a Hilichurls, Cryo Slimes and Cryo Abyss Mages, so pack some claymore or Pyro users. Diluc and Xiangling work great here. Watch out if you bring Barbara as healer, since her heals cause you to get Wet and makes you susceptible to Freeze.

How to Get Cecilia

You can find Cecilia flowers growing all over Starsnatch Cliff and Thousand Winds Temple. They grow in clusters of three or four, and take two server cycles to respawn after being picked.

How to Get Tail of Boreas

This is a drop from the weekly Wolf of the North Challenge. The Wolf drops three kinds of items, but you’ll need pieces of his tail. These are given out randomly.

As for fighting the wolf, he hits hard and is immune to Anemo and Cryo damage. You can do this challenge co-op, so call in some help if you’re having trouble. Just dodge his attacks when he telegraphs them, hit hard and then pull back to dodge. Watch out for the icy terrain he generates, as that can surprisingly deal a lot of damage.