Genshin Impact: Cecilia location and Ascension guide

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If you’re getting ready for the glorious return of the Anemo Archon Venti when Genshin Impact  1.4 releases, you’ll want to get all of his Ascension materials soon. One of them is a flower, the Cecilia. Here’s where to find Cecilia in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Cecilia Location

There are only two characters in the game currently who need Cecilia as Ascension material: Venti and Albedo. You also need them to Craft Anemo Resonance Stones, which come in handy for when you’re down to the last few Anemoculus.

Cecilia is a Mondstadt Local Speciality, so you can only find them in Mondstadt. There’s really only one place they tend to grow, so you won’t need to do much scouring. You can find them all over Starsnatch Cliff and Thousand Winds Temple, where it looks like a big triangle on the map.

They grow in clusters of three or four, so be sure to grab them all. You can find them all over the mountain, with many of them at the edge of the cliff. Be sure to talk to the NPC who stands up there, as you’ll get some for free the first time you do.

If you have Klee, she can display the locations of Mondstadt Specialties. Your mini-map will display a hand icon when she’s in your party.

These also count towards the Battle Pass objective where you can find 100 Mondstadt Specialties each week. They respawn two server resets (about 48 hours) after you pick them, so be sure to mark their locations on your map for easy harvesting.

Besides foraging, you can also buy them from Flora at the flower shop in Mondstadt. She has five Cecilia for sale every day for 1,000 Mora each.

If you’re using Cecilia to Ascend Venti or Albedo, you’ll need a total of 168 to get them to their final Ascension.