Xbox Series X: New game releases for March 2021


It’s been an interesting start to the year for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S. While the console hasn’t seen many blockbuster exclusives come its way, there have been a number of solid third-party titles keeping things fresh in 2021.

February was a bit empty in terms of new releases, but January saw Bloober Team’s The Medium and IO Interactive’s Hitman 3. Looking ahead to March, we’ve got a mix of next-gen re-releases and intriguing indie titles.

The month is pretty empty early on with only Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition arriving in the first week. Things pick up towards the middle of the month, with next-gen versions of Crash Bandicoot 4 and Marvel’s Avengers.

The latter, of course, was met with mixed reviews upon its initial release. While the gameplay and combat was fun, a lack of substantial content early on made things repetitive. So far, Crystal Dynamics has only released one meaningful story expansion with Operation: Kate Bishop – Taking A.I.M. back in December. The free DLC, which was the first of a two-part expansion focused on Hawkeye, introduced Kate Bishop along with a six-mission campaign story. Arriving alongside the Xbox Series X version of Marvel’s Avengers on March 18 will be the next major expansion, Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect, which will add Clint Barton and his story campaign.

One of the more interesting titles to look forward to in March is It Takes Two, an action-adventure from Hazelight Studios. Like Hazelight’s EA Originals debut title, A Way Out, this game also puts an emphasis on co-op gameplay. In fact, there is no single-player option; you must play either online or local split-screen.

Hazelight founder Josef Fares has a way of talking up his studios’ games but they usually live up to the hype. It Takes Two is an action-adventure with platforming elements that marries gameplay and narrative.

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The story revolves around two parents, Cody and May, who are about to get a divorce. Their distraught daughter creates two dolls that the parents magically turn into, and they must work together and overcome their differences on this wild adventure.

Balan Wonderworld is another intriguing title. It’s a wondrous 3D action-platformer set in a whimsical world filled with bright colors, fantasy elements and an emphasis on musical performance.

Check out what else is coming to Xbox Series X|S in March 2021.

  • Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition – March 4
  • Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 4 – March 11
  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – March 12
  • Samurai Shodown – March 16
  • Marvel’s Avengers – March 18
  • Balan Wonderworld March 26
  • It Takes Two – March 26
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 – March 26