Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a remake of the entire timeline

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Final Fantasy VII fans have a lot to look forward to this year. In addition to the “enhanced and expanded” Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for next-gen consoles, we have not one but two mobile game spinoffs on the way.

One is a weird but intriguing battle royale game called Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. The other is a game that’s more in line with what fans probably want. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a “chapter-structured single player experience which will cover the whole of the FFVII timeline.” It sounds a lot like Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, which was an abridged version of Final Fantasy XV.

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A trailer for the Ever Crisis showed various segments of Final Fantasy VII, including a heavy focus on Midgar which we’ve already experienced recently in-depth with Final Fantasy VII Remake. Seriously, how many times do we have to play this sequence?

But despite this segment being so fresh on our minds, Ever Crisis looks like a solid game.  This looks more like a modernized version of FFVII but still maintains the classic look of the original. Combat looks like

I can’t count the number of remakes and re-releases of the Final Fantasy VII story at this point. At first, I thought it was a bit odd that we’re getting a game that will cover the entire FFVII timeline, especially since we’re currently playing Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s like, “Here’s a remake of the classic Final Fantasy VII to play while you wait for the next chapter of the previous Final Fantasy VII Remake.

But this will apparently include the events of the original game and all FFVII compilation titles, plus new story elements focusing on the “origins of SOLDIER.” Director Tetsuya Nomura strongly hinted to Weekly Famitsu that we could meet a younger Sephiroth. So it sounds like we’ll be experiencing different, untold stories as well which is kind of cool.

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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis also presents an opportunity for those on mobile devices to experience a remake of this classic game. And, as many have pointed out, it looks like a perfect candidate to port to the Nintendo Switch since that didn’t ever receive the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake.

So far Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis has only been announced for iOS and Android but Square Enix loves money so I can’t imagine it will stay on these platforms exclusively. The game is scheduled to arrive in 2022. But, as it’s “chapter-structured,” it’s unclear how much of the story will be told at launch.