Pokemon Presents kicks off Pokemon Day with a bang!

Photo: Pokemon Day logo. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International
Photo: Pokemon Day logo. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International /

The Pokemon Presents feature of 2021 celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Pokemon. With new features and games announced, this is one of the best Pokemon announcements made by the company in a very long time.

Pokemon Day is the crowning moment that will commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Pokemon franchise. After the reveal of Pokemon Presents 2021 on the Pokemon Company’s official YouTube page, fans can rejoice at the new announcements that were made to celebrate over. Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company have made new strides in delivering new features for their fans. New games were the primary announcement that every Pokemon fan was looking forward to hearing during this announcement. The updates from this entry are to give a review of what happened during the events of the Pokemon Presents.

Pokemon Presents 2021 appreciation of the franchise

The video opened up with a very creative homage that broke down the timeline of the Pokemon franchise. It was interesting to see every year that was highlighted for when a new Pokemon game was introduced. Even more so, there was great recognition of every piece of technology that was introduced to make connecting Pokemon to new features more possible throughout the years. Alongside all the games and tech that were introduced through all the years of Pokemon, there is great appreciation for everything else that supported the franchise as well. This included the trading cards, clothing line, accessories, inspired food dishes, and many more relative concepts that paid homage to all things Pokemon. With the Pokemon Presents celebrating twenty-five years, the power is truly in the trainers’ hands with all the possibilities they can interact with Pokemon.

Pokemon Presents leaks more footage of New Pokemon Snap

The presentation then leads to a salutation by the president of the Pokemon Company; Tsunekazu Ishihara. Ishihara was happy to celebrate the Pokemon anniversary will all the trainers and fans that have remained dedicated over twenty-five years. He then continued to pass the conference along to chief operating officer, Takato Utsunomiya to talk about the future titles that will be revealed this year. Utsunomiya began the game presentation with the new features that are being released for the New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch.

The new features with the New Pokemon Snap are to give more details to the players what was not included in the extended trailer that came out earlier this year. The narration began sharing details of the Lental region where the player will explore the terrains of the islands on the Neo-1. With the guiding of Professor Mirror and his assistants, they will guide you through these land structures and take different photos of Pokemon. The difference that fans are excited to see about this game is the major differences from the original game. The first game featured the first 151 Pokemon, but this game will feature even more species.

Even more with the New Pokemon Snap, there are new elements of gameplay that Pokemon fans cannot wait to get their hands on. The dependency to take as many photos of Pokemon as possible is to improve the player’s Pokemon PhotoDex and for all the Pokemon in the Lental region. The importance of interacting with Pokemon at night will be crucial for the player, with the use of Illumina Orbs and having Pokemon absorb them so they are illuminated for better photos. There will be other uses of editing photos in this new game, and sharing your photos on social media is highly encouraged for trainers to do. Some photos taken will be highlighted by the Pokemon Company and will be featured on their social media accounts to show appreciation to players playing the game.

Mimikyu, Pokemon
Pokemon and Daniel Arsham team up for art collaboration.. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company, James Law /

The release of the New Pokemon Snap is set for April 30, 2021, and is available for preorder already.

Sinnoh remakes announced in Pokemon Presents

Utsunomiya was not finished for new game announcements there during Pokemon Presents! The game that followed next was the long-awaited confirmation that Pokemon fans have been waiting for. Remakes of the Sinnoh games for generation four are coming to Nintendo Switch later in the year 2021. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be remakes of the original games and have a remastered look to compliment the handheld of Nintendo Switch! This teaser only displayed some gameplay footage of the first look on what trainers can expect, there should be more to come with more news down the road.

Complementing the Sinnoh remakes, there was another game that was teased that takes place in the Sinnoh region. A game that has an open-world feel, very much to the current games of Pokemon Sword and Shield. A prequel that explores the region of Sinnoh in early times well before the current timeline in the Pokemon series. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be a new game to be released early next year and introduce a new gaming concept of the Pokemon world. A very interesting concept to re-introduce Arceus back into the fold of the Pokemon games, there is even more speculation of what this game will have in store for trainers. Breaking down the more historical context of Pokemon, this will be a total game-changer for Pokemon fans everywhere.

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The Pokemon Presentation was a grand celebration that truly encompassed the anniversary of Pokemon. After twenty-five years, the Pokemon Company has given trainers more hope to look forward to within the next year as far as games go. With other entertaining concepts of Pokemon, there should even be more celebrations outside the main core series. The celebration will be all year long, and as long as trainers are waiting for these new games then there is something major to look forward to with the Pokemon franchise.