Warframe guide: Octavia Prime build and melody tips

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Warframe‘s Octavia Prime, compared to her normal counterpart, allows for quicker build maximization thanks to her increased shield and energy pools. In terms of playstyle, she excels in crowd control, support, and holding down an area. A lot of her survivability relies on her casting and crouch spamming to the beat of the music you give her. She is also one of the more energy-efficient frames because of her passive.

Most of her abilities are passive ones that do not need much interaction other than shooting, crouching, melee attacking, and jumping to the beat created from her third ability, Metronome. Ideally, you want to maximize the up time on all of your abilities. They all synergize with each other and are at maximum potential, musically, when they are all up at the same time.

Octavia’s typical builds don’t have much room for specializing, however. Ideally, you want duration, range, and strength to be above 100% while focusing more on the range and duration if possible. To get the most out of her, you may also want to invest in an Arcane Energize or having energy restoration pads in your gear wheel. Not having your abilities up, especially in Steel Path missions, lowers her overall effectiveness but also leaves her vulnerable.

Octavia Prime Build

Warframe Octavia Prime Build
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Subsume abilities:

All of Octavia’s abilities are rather useful, but if you really had to swap one out, the Resonator would be the ideal one to let go. It does mean that your gameplay would become less mobile.

I haven’t tested these myself, but I can see the following abilities to synergize well if Resonator were replaced:

  • Banshee’s Silence
  • Equinox’s Rest & Rage
  • Gara’s Spectrorage with the Spectrosiphon augment mod
  • Hildryn’s Pillage
  • Protea’s Dispensary

This is only advice for a standard build. You do not need to follow this to a tee. This build can also be used on the base version of Octavia.

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Finally, her melodies do have some kind of meta for stat maximization. Personally, I like to play actual songs as it’s a preference of mine. If you feel like you aren’t so musically inclined or creative, there is a subreddit (r/MandachordMelodies) that you can check out. You can also ask in the proper in-game chats for people to link you certain songs, or you can look up the many mandachord songs people uploaded to YouTube. From there, you can just find a song and copy the note chart on your Octavia’s mandachord.

The song I used for my Octavia Prime is the SNES Super Mario World first-level theme song. You can check that here:

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