Warframe Nightwave Intermission 3 (2021): How to complete Weekly Acts

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In Warframe, the Nightwave is basically the equivalent of a battle pass. You complete various challenges and earn rewards such as Mods, Resources and cosmetic items, while also learning more about the game’s lore through broadcasts.

Seasons of Warframe’s Nightwave are referred to as “Series,” with each featuring its own story and themed rewards. Series usually last for several months. In between each Series, Warframe introduces storyless Intermissions.

On February 1, 2021, Warframe kicked off Intermission III. During this period, players can complete Acts (challenges) that fall under three categories: Daily, Weekly and Elite Weekly. Daily Challenges arrive daily and last three days, while five Weekly and two Elite Weekly Challenges are introduced every week and last for seven days.

First, check out our guides on completing Intermission 3:

Below is a guide to completing Waframe’s Intermission 3 (2021) Weekly Acts:

The following acts/challenges are straightforward and don’t really need a guide to complete:

Assassin, Cache Hunter, Don’t Blow It, Don’t Fear the Reaper, Earth Bounty Hunter, Eliminator, Enhance!, Eximus Eliminator, Explorer, Heavy Ordinance, Invader, Jailer, Necralizer, Not a Warning Shot, Now Boarding, Operative, Polarized, Protector, Rescuer, Saboteur, Sound Sleeper, Sortie Specialist, Supporter, Test Subject, Unlock Relics, Vault Hunting, Venus Bounty Hunter.

As for the others:


Fully socket 3 Ayatan Sculptures

If you play sorties and the Maroo missions often, you are probably hoarding more Ayatan Sculptures than you think. Also, you may not want to always skip over the Ayatan Cyan and Amber stars that you see throughout the various missions in the game. Using those stars are what you’ll need to unlock the full potential of these sculptures. If you’re stacked up on all of these things, keep some in reserve so that should this challenge pop up, you can auto install enough to get it done.


Complete 6 different perfect animal captures

This one can be quite annoying if you don’t have the patience or loadout to do so. What I would recommend is to use Loki equipped with as much duration as possible along with the Hushed Invisibility mod. That way if you miss your tranq shot or have to deal with nearby enemies, you can do so without giving your position away. It is also recommended to do this in the Orb Vallis since it has more fauna to deal with. Finally, try aiming for targets like the Pobbers, Virminks, Kubrodons, and Stovers. They’re the most consistent to get perfect captures on.

Earth Fisher/ Venus Fisher

Catch 6 rare fish/servofish in the Plains of Eidolon/Orb Vallis

For the Earth challenges, use Volt and go to the Hillside Ruin located on the bottom right of the map. There, you’ll deal with little to no Grineer. You should bring a handful of Luminous Dyes and Murkray Bait. The dye will help you see where the fish are and Murkrays are the easiest of the rare fish to get. You can use any of the fishing spears you acquired on Cetus if you use Volt thanks to his passive. Before every throw, just walk around in a few circles to rack up the electricity damage and every fish is a guaranteed capture despite the spear.

As for Venus, you want to use the Shock Prod spear which can be bought from The Biz. That will help stun nearby fish in the same body of water when you execute the mini game correctly. You also don’t necessarily need bait to get the rare fish here. My most consistent fishing spots here are the lake right behind Fortuna and the cave behind the Spaceport. In the lake behind Fortuna, the weather has to be warm so the Longwinder fish appear. If the weather isn’t warm, you can go to the cave and look for the Charamote. Keep in mind, they’ll only appear in the hotspot areas in the water. Hotspots are where there are a lot of fish or in the case of the Orb Vallis, it’s where the water has this glowing aura around it.

Earth Miner/ Venus Miner

Mine 6 rare gems or ore in the Plains of Eidolon/Orb Vallis

First of all, get the Sunpoint Plasma Drill from Smokefinger on Fortuna. It’s the superior mining drill.

For the Plains of Eidolon, I usually only mine the caves and the area in front of me as they usually have the most mining veins to work on. Fortuna, however, is a different story. There is an area to the left of the Temple of Profit that is very consistent. Look out for the red mining veins in the area. For some reason they have a really high chance in granting you Hesperon, a rare mining material.

Warframe Heart of Deimos
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Feed the Beast

Feed the Helminth any resource

You have to be Mastery Rank 8, complete the Heart of Deimos Quest and be an Associate rank with the Entrati syndicate on Deimos. You have to then acquire the Helminth segment from Son at the Necralisk and craft the component. This is the system in Warframe where you can subsume a frame so you can transfer a selected ability from it to another. The only unfortunate part of this act is that it can be harder for people at lower mastery ranks because you need to have enough rep gain and resources to get the ball rolling for this feature alone.


Clear a Railjack boarding party without your Warframe taking damage

When in a railjack mission, Cephalon Cy will every now and then tell you something about a ramsled launch inbound and “prepare for borders.” Ideally, you’d want to shoot them down before they can even touch your ship. However, for this challenge, you want them to board your railjack. It does not matter what level you do this in; I usually pick the Posit Cluster mission in the Earth Proxima region. Bring a frame with invisibility powers like Loki, Ivara, or Ash. Take out all the enemies and leave on crewship alive. Wait for them to hit your ship, then cast your invisibility, hopefully they’re more focused on causing breaches and fires to your railjack instead of somehow hitting you with a stray bullet.

Forward Thinking

Destroy a Crewship with Forward Artillery

Another railjack challenge; this one requires you to use the cannon behind the pilot seat and the navigation console. Once again, it does not matter which railjack mission you do this in. typically, the forward artillery can one-shot a crewship on lower levels, but needs an extra fire or two depending on your accuracy for higher levels. For the best results, aim the artillery at one of the back engines of the ship. That would guarantee a one-shot as long as you hit an active engine.

Friendly Fire

While piloting a hijacked Crewship, destroy 3 enemy fighters

It once again does not matter what railjack mission you do this in, but for the sake of completing this, do it in the Earth Proxima region. Fighter ships in later levels become a bit too tanky to reliably do it. All you have to do is take out the pilot of a crewship and commandeer it instead of blowing up the reactor. You may want to at least take out all foot soldiers in the ship before taking control so they won’t kill you while doing this challenge.

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Gild 1 modular item

A modular item in Warframe is basically a zaw, kitgun, amp, or moa companion. These are some of the more new features of the game because you can pick or choose certain parts for them to fit your playstyle. When you finally create one of these, you won’t be able to do anything to them like customize their colors or add an orokin reactor/ catalyst or arcanes. You’ll have to level one of these gear types to level 30 and bring it back to the NPC who gives those parts to you. Luckily, kitguns are some of the most versatile weapons in the game and amps are starting to be more useful as the game evolves.

Good Friend

Help Clem with his weekly mission

Clem, for those who don’t know, is one of the more popular memes in Warframe. As far as I know, he became to be because the Grineer speak in a nonexistent language and they often say “get them!” but it sounded more like “get clem!”

There is even a quest called “A Man of Few Words” that you need to complete before doing this challenge. Once you’re finished with the quest, visit Darvo in any Relay and he’ll have an extra dialogue option you can select if Clem needs your help. Finish that mission and your act should be completed.

Sanctuary Researcher

Complete 5 scans for Cephalon Simaris

You will want to have a Synthesis Scanner, most or all the widgets for it, and a handful of kinetic siphon traps to make this easier. Every day, Cephalon Simaris will have this daily synthesis target for you to find in missions and scan. Depending on the target, they can be required to be scanned from 2 to 3 times before turning in. Each full synthesis scan of an enemy counts as one for this weekly act. To finish it in one go, you can play public games or with people who have an active target and get this challenge done even after you completed your daily scans.

Tusk Thumpin’

Kill a Tusk Thumper in the Plains of Eidolon

Tusk Thumpers are those quadruped robots roaming the Plains only in the daytime. Bring hitscan weapons like a Braton or Soma. Bows, explosives, and most melee weapons won’t do much against them since you have to aim for the knees. They don’t spawn right away though, so you may have to roam around the Plains until one shows up, or start up a low tier bounty during the daytime.

Vault Looter

Unlock 4 Orokin Derelict Vaults

The derelict vaults are on Deimos except for the Cambion Drift and Necralisk. However, you will need to craft and equip dragon keys. Note that each equipped key gives you some kind of debuff. An ideal scenario is to play in a coordinated squad of four with each player having a different key equipped. This is also possible to do solo, but for a sure-shot go at unlocking a vault, you would have to equip ALL 4 keys.