Warframe Nightwave Intermission 3: Elite Weekly Acts guide

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Warframe Nightwave Intermission 3 is live. The mid-season event sees the addition of new Acts (challenges) that can be completed for rewards. There are Daily, Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts. Here is a guide for completing the Elite Weekly Acts in Warframe Nightwave Intermission 3.

First, check out our guides on completing Intermission 3:

The following acts/challenges are straightforward and don’t really need a guide to complete:

Choose Wisely, Cold Steel, Defense, Elite Explorer, Elite Test Subject, Eximus Executioner, Flying High, Hold Your Breath, Profit-Taker, Kill Shot, Machine Interference, Night Terror, Nothing but Profit, Resource Scavenger, Sortie Expert, Speedster, Survival, The Path Less Traveled, Unlock Relics

As for the others:


Complete 4 Halls of Ascension on Lua

The Halls of Ascension are these challenges that grant you one of the seven ‘Drift’ mods upon completion in Warframe. These mods are quite useful for min-maxing, and are a good source of platinum in the trade chat. Try doing the Plato mission as it’s the fastest. Just watch out for the Sentients who appear in the first few minutes as they can become a nuisance. Check here to see how the Halls look like.

Day Trader

Win 3 wagers in a row without letting the enemy score in one match of The Index

The Index is basically the Corpus equivalent of Rathuum, but it’s a lot better for farming credits and certain rare mods. What this challenge wants you to do is to have a final score where the enemy team has 0 points after 3 rounds. It’s advised to play on the lowest risk, but also play in a full coordinated team. If you play solo or in an incomplete squad, there will be warframe specters as fill-ins, but they are unreliable, get themselves killed, and increase the likelihood of the opposition scoring points.

Play in a somewhat role-based squad, so have a defender like a Limbo or Frost defending the scoring side for the enemy team while you have DPS and tank frames like Rhino and Mesa doing the scoring. Make sure to not carry too many points at once because of the Financial Stress debuffs!

Grove Guardian

Kill 1 Silver Grove Specter

The Silver Grove is the quest where you can obtain Titania. However, you don’t have to replay the quest to do this. Instead, you should have these permanent Apothic blueprints in your foundry that you can craft. Be advised, unless you actually scan the various flora from the different planets, you won’t have the required materials to craft the Apothics from the get go. Whip out the codex or synthesis scanners and get going with it!

Alternatively, you can use the Oxylus sentinel with the Botanist mod which scans plants for you. You’ll still need to have a good amount of scanners in your inventory because the sentinel uses them. This is also a good source of platinum and the more elusive aura mods like Growing Power and the harder to get melee stance mods like Crimson Dervish and Final Harbinger.

Silent Eliminator

Complete an Extermination mission with only level 30 or higher enemies without triggering alarms

Two words: Adaro, Sedna. This is the best solo farm for focus because of the high level and the enemy count. Plus, it’s the Grineer. They don’t have ability nullifiers like the Corpus do, the enemy sense of the Infested, or the damage adaptation of the Sentients. Grineers enemies are easy to stealth kill, and don’t require too much of a setup. You can go for something like an Equinox sleep build, an Ivara stealth build, a Loki/ Ash invisibility build, or a Banshee savage silence build.

Walk Without Rhythm

Kill a Tusk Thumper Doma in the Plains of Eidolon

This is the same thing as the Weekly act, Tusk Thumpin’. Instead, you’ll have to kill a Doma, which is the strongest of the three variants of the Thumper. They only come out during the daytime and in higher levels, so try playing higher level bounties to increase the likelihood of their spawning. Bring ammo efficient, hitscan weapons too, because they take quite a lot to take down with good precision.