Valentine’s Day specials made for every Pokemon fan


February is a memorable month for multiple occasions, especially for Pokemon. Valentine’s Day being the holiday that stands out, Pokemon has some promotions to help that special trainer celebrate.

February is a month to remember always for Pokemon trainers. While Pokemon Day is a highlighted event that is circled on every trainer’s calendar, they do so to anticipate the anniversary of the franchise. Even more so with the 25th anniversary of the franchise this year, trainers want to remember it being something special. At least two weeks beforehand is the holiday that stands out the most for February: Valentine’s Day. A day alone where almost every trainer wants to give a special someone a Luvdisc with a special message. Even more so for Pokemon fans that do not have any of the core games, there are several ways to commemorate Valentine’s Day with the help of Pokemon.

Pokemon GO’s Valentine’s Day special event

With a global pandemic still giving couples trouble for booking a reservation at their favorite restaurant or keeping them from partaking in their favorite activity, there is a possibility of influencing Valentine’s date with the help of Pokemon Go. On the physical date of the holiday, Pokemon Go will hold a special promotion for trainers and couples to take advantage of between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to the local time where both individuals live. Love will definitely be in the air, with the aroma of ‘Sweet Scent’ for what can help those special people seek adventure through the help of Pokemon. Fresh off the Community Day event that featured the thorn Pokemon, Roselia, gifting flowers was definitely not enough for Niantic. As Pokemon Go has influenced holidays before with special promotions before, this will be the most special Valentine’s Day event that Pokemon Go has ever done.

Is Pokemon GO for Valentine’s Day a good date idea? Image Courtesy Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Is Pokemon GO for Valentine’s Day a good date idea? Image Courtesy Niantic, The Pokémon Company /

The Pokemon included in the event will have a big promotion for Munna and Musharna, who will be making their major debut in Pokemon Go! Many Pokemon of the Unova regions require an Unova Stone to evolve, and these Pokemon join that class of species in Pokemon Go. There will be special research available for trainers to take advantage of to make sure they are rewarded with an Unova Stone and evolve a Munna during the event. Other Pokemon available are species that come in pairs; which include Nidoran male and female, Plusle and Minun, and Volbeat and Illumise to name a few that will be available. Couples that raid together, get stronger together, which is why trainers can also take advantage of raids that will have numerous amount of Pokemon for trainers to challenge and catch; including five-star raids that will have Latios and Latias to add to the coupled pairing of the event. Even more so, where trainers can challenge Mega Raid battles together, and see a Mega Gyarados making the Pokemon Go debut!

This event makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day date event for Pokemon trainers that want to have an adventure, read more details about the event here.

Valentine’s Day stuffed animal that is Pokemon themed

Most trainers know to give their special someone flowers that are accompanied by chocolates or sometimes a stuffed animal. If catching Roselias were not enough for trainers to give, gifting a Pokemon stuffed animal is also a wonderful gift for that special someone. Pokemon definitely has trainers covered in this department for anyone that is looking for that Valentine’s theme Pokemon gift. A discovery made by one of our writers on FanSided, there is a special pink Bulbasaur that has roses on the back instead of the seed bulb. This company that makes these special Bulbasaurs has designed a variety of stuffed animals for any special occasion. This happens to be the best one trainers can purchase for that special someone for Valentine’s Day.

Other promotions that trainers can take advantage of when it comes to stuffed animals can definitely be assisted by the popular company; Build-A-Bear. The store has been partnered with the Pokemon Company for a while now so that trainers can have that special Pokemon as a collectible. Even a bigger incentive, some of these stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear include rare Pokemon cards that are a part of the promotion. Currently, the store knows that Valentine’s Day is around the corner and has great deals going on for trainers to take advantage of. The Pokemon selection is featured on their online store and can be viewed here if this is the deal for you.

Pokemon engagements, the ‘Valentine’s Day’ dream

Aside from the holidays celebrated in December, the last winter month that commemorates engagements most certainly happens in February on Valentine’s Day. What tells that special Pokemon trainer you admire most the special words, “I Choose You” than an engagement ring? There are a handful of crafted ideas on several sites that have that special custom ring for that trainer you are looking to “pop the question” with this Valentine’s Day. These rings have featured the popular Pokemon Pikachu or Eevee for those trainers who have them as their partner Pokemon, and now they can cherish them even further. This is a popular trend that jewelry companies started last year with the permission of the Pokemon Company, and even they had their own ideas for jewelry.

Are Pikachu and Eevee a key to your special someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day?
Are Pikachu and Eevee a key to your special someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day? /

For trainers that are not ready for that specific commitment with that special someone, there are even more options for you if that certain someone loves jewelry. The Pokemon Company has more options to offer for trainers that want to gift other kinds of jewelry like charm beads, necklaces, earrings, and more! All of these options are available on the Pokemon Center website for the ones that want to gift these items. Be mindful of what you’re considering of purchase from this option trainers, the price tag is up there!

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It may not sound romantic, but gamers love when their culture embraces other holidays. Pokemon being no stranger to the essence of love is an important value of being a trainer, and it is even more special when you can fund that love with a special individual. We hope these options help the Pokemon trainer in you and your loved one enjoy Valentine’s Day. Just another special way to celebrate the month that is truly dedicated to Pokemon.