Happy Meals and breakfast cereals have Pokemon anniversary promotions


Pokemon’s 25th anniversary is going to be a big enough party, that other companies are celebrating with a popular video game franchise. From McDonald’s Happy Meals to breakfast cereal, there are a handful of promotions for collectors to enjoy!

As we get closer to celebrating the franchise’s next milestone, the Pokemon Company is more than excited to celebrate with almost everyone! The 25th anniversary of Pokemon is not just a big deal to fans of the franchise, it’s a bigger deal for bigger brands who want to join in the festivities. Companies like McDonald’s and General Mills are some of the first reported companies that are joining in on the festivities with celebrating with Pokemon. With the two having their own promotions with toys and trading cards, this will most likely inspire other major companies to partner with Pokemon to commemorate their anniversary. Some of these promotions will be starting soon, so you better get ready to collect them soon!

McDonald’s has announced that their next wave of Happy Meal toys will include Pokemon memorabilia partnered with trading cards to commemorate the anniversary of Pokemon. The promotion was originally reported by the Pokemon fan site PokeBeach, which reported a collection of 25th-anniversary collector’s items to be included as toys. The trading cards included in the promotion with twenty-five different cards for kids and trainers to collect. The trading cards are re-releases of cards from prior sets, however, these will have the mark that represents the 25th anniversary in the corner of the card. McDonald’s toys are special collector’s items that are rare when collecting the whole set; the promotion that includes any significance of Pokemon’s anniversary will surely make the value of these toys extremely rare in the future.

Promotions for Pokemon Trading Cards at a TCG World Tournament (Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images) /

Another promotion that is including trading cards for trainers to take advantage in collecting is General Mills cereal. Pokemon will have their official breakfast cereal contain the promotion of trading cards in each box for collectors to look for. Each box of cereal will have a small booster pack that will contain more than one card that trainers look forward to collecting. The Pokemon cereal will include fourteen different cards that will also include the 25th-anniversary mark on these special booster packs. The difference between these cards and the McDonald’s card is that these booster packs will likely have holographic cards exclusively during the promotion. Of the two together, any young trainer that wants to get started in collecting Pokemon cards can definitely take advantage of this promotion.

McDonald’s and General Mills are not the only major companies that have given out special promotion cards for their merchandise when it comes to Pokemon. Build-A-Bear has been partnered with Pokemon for a good amount of time where young trainers can build their favorite Pokemon and have them as a stuffed partner. There have been some special occasions that some of these stuffed Pokemon would come with promotional Pokemon trading cards that only Build-A-Bear had access to distribute. Rare enough as it is, these cards had higher re-sell value because they are collector’s items. Imagine if the Pokemon Funko POPs that are celebrating the 25th anniversary also distributed special-edition trading cards to collect. It would definitely make those toys exclusively rarer with that promotion for Pokemon.

Collector’s items are very significant when it comes to being a fanatic of any franchise, and Pokemon is no different when it comes to their franchise. Pokemon trading cards have some of the highest value when it comes to collections and their face value. There have been internet personalities on all domains that have shed light on the significance of promotional Pokemon trading cards and explaining their value. When it comes to the 25th anniversary, any cards that have the promotional stamp to commemorate the celebration will be significant in many years to come. Even if some of these promotional cards are re-releases of prior trading card sets, the significance is having the anniversary mark on the card to give it more significant value. Let this be known that this is only the promotions that other companies are holding for Pokemon. When the official anniversary cards come out to celebrate the 25th anniversary, those trading cards will be even more exclusive for collectors.

Also. There are plenty of promotions in February to look forward to when it comes to Pokemon's anniversary. light

In addition to these promotions being held by McDonald’s and General Mills, this is only the beginning of what is in store for the Pokemon Company when celebrating their anniversary. Even post the date in February, there will most likely be more companies that want to get a piece of the action and try to sell some of their own anniversary merchandise when it comes to celebrating with Pokemon. There will be even more major promotions to be released when the Pokemon Company releases their own anniversary merchandise of their own. This is not even hinting at what promotions they will have in video games they have prepared for their fans, but more toys, trading cards, movies, and much more for fans to anticipate. The Pokemon Company is more than thrilled to have these partners to help them commemorate their special anniversary that celebrates their franchise. They are even more thrilled that they have such a fantastic fan base that has kept this franchise thriving for twenty-five years and there will be many more to come to celebrate.